31 October 2012

wear // navy + black

glasses: c/o firmoo
necklace: forever 21
dress: boutique I can't remember the name of
bracelet: c/o minnie grace (giveaway here!)
polka dot tights: forever 21
booties: blowfish
ring: H&M 

I've been searching for polka dot tights that come in sizes instead of this "one size fits all" crap.  Thank you, Forever 21!  And I'm truly smitten with my new Firmoo glasses; they are non-prescription but I only need a prescription for reading and computer time, and sometimes I like the look of glasses as an accessory, so I'm excited that Firmoo offers its frames with non-prescription lenses.  Of course, you can also get them with prescription lenses, or as sunglasses (prescription or regular).  Hooray!

And I LOVE my Minnie Grace bracelet.  It's delicate and sweet and goes with everything.  I also really appreciate that I can put it on myself without someone else's help; the clasp is a pair of magnets so it's easy for me to snap it on solo!  Good thinking, Minnie.  Have you entered the giveaway for your choice of lovely jewelry from Minnie Grace's shop?  What are you waiting for?  Enter here!

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Happy Wednesday, friends!  And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!



  1. Love your tights! They are a fun addition to your outfit.

  2. Love that bracelet too! Also, perfect to wear black on Halloween :)

  3. I can't get over how cute your tights are! Love it!


  4. How cute! Love your tights. And the delicate bracelet.


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