26 June 2013

weddings // BHLDN show

It has been a LONG time since I've done a "life via Instagram" recap around here!  And since I've taken way too many photos since my last post to share all of them with you here (trust me, you'd hate it), I'm able to pick a theme for my Instagram images to share.

Since it's technically Wedding Wednesday, I wanted to share some highlights of the BHLDN fashion show with you guys!  Last week, Joelle and I were invited to check out the new space where BHLDN's "shop in shop" (it's going to be on the mezzanine of the current Anthropologie store in Beverly Hills) will be located.  The grand opening is July 10 and I cannot wait!

I think there were at least four or five different dresses coming down the runway for which I leaned over to Joelle and whispered ferociously, "that one is totally my favorite!"

My ACTUAL favorite has to be this lovely gem right here (very Kate Middleton, no?).  There was also a close relative of this dress that was sleeveless -- also amazing.

Last week, BHLDN invited a bunch of bloggers and wedding folks to the new space to enjoy some light snacks, champagne, the Anthro store all to ourselves, and, of course, the newest release of gorgeous wedding gowns.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many new designs there are going to be. 

Anyway, on to the Instagrams.  Some of these are actually Joelle's or taken by other ladies attending the event -- all are linked to the original Instagram accounts from which they came.  :)

images from joelle duff, bhldn, and annadelores on Instagram
many more if you search #bhldnla on Instagram!


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