09 December 2012

inspiration // winter weddings

I've recently become quite convinced that winter weddings are my favorite.  And I've been curating a winter wedding Pinterest board and it's way too darn pretty to keep to myself, so check it out. :)

Here are my favorite tips and suggestions for planning a classy, timeless, drop-dead gorgeous winter wedding celebration.

1. "Winter" does not mean "Christmas."  Just because your wedding might be in December, your wedding colors do not need to be red and green.  In fact, they shouldn't be red OR green!  Although I am pretty smitten with a winter wedding palette of emerald and silvery grey, save this color scheme for a January wedding so as not to be quite so cliché.  The closest to Christmas you're allowed to venture for a December wedding is anything silver or gold.  Explore other jewel tones, like dark navy, aubergine, or even a rich, dark, understated magenta, for your main wedding colors.  It'll be fresh and unexpected but still appropriately winter-inspired.  And don't let any woodland themes get too carried away, either -- aim for centerpieces that incorporate branches and even some antlers, but no deer silhouettes.  It's too "Santa's reindeer" for a December soirée.

2.  Glitter, sparkle, shine.  I am perpetually distracted by anything shimmery or shiny.  If it's got glitter, I'll probably fall in love with it, be it shoes, centerpieces, bridesmaid dresses, florals... you get the idea.  This might be a little obnoxious for some people, and really, it has to be done right to look fabulous.  The wrong kind of glitter (yes, there is such a thing) can turn a wedding tacky real fast.  If your wedding shimmer reminds you of a fresh dusting of snow, you're probably in the clear.  My favorite sources of sparkle: mercury glass, luxe statement jewelry, sparkling cupcake sprinkles, glittery heels, metallic nail polish, and twinkle lights EVERYWHERE.  And don't forget the sparklers for your grand exit. 

{ via Emily Steffen Photography & Harwell Photography for 100 Layer Cake }

3.  Consider grey or ivory for your dress.  Some of the most memorable winter weddings I've seen feature a bride in a luxurious gown in a variation of winter white.  If your winter wedding sparkle is of the gold variety, I'd recommend a cream or ivory-hued dress.  If you've got some silver shimmer going on, go for grey.  Yes, grey!  Done right, this is one of the most beautifully chic wedding dress colors I've come across.  If you're not okay with grey for your own dress, it's a truly lovely, classic color for your bridesmaids (and, yes, they will wear these dresses again!).  Or go for grey accents (sash, jewelry, hairpieces, shoes).

 { via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }
Gorgeous greys for winter wedding alternatives to bridal white.
Another way to ensure your wedding dress is winter-inspired?  Lots of luxe details.  Leave the simple, plain sheath dresses for those beachy, summer brides and command attention with lace, appliques, embroidery, and other (tasteful!) embellishments.

{ photography via Tec Petaja & McGowan Images }

Alright, winter brides: go forth and show us what a glamorous wintry wedding is all about!  Remember to cruise by my winter wedding Pinterest board for more inspiration.


  1. I think I need to get married again!!! That bridge shot is so fabulous!!! A winter wedding is define tilt magical!

  2. I adore winter weddings! I can just imagine how magical it'd be if there was a dusting of snow on your wedding day. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. If I had lived in an area where it snowed and KNEW it would be white I would have LOVED a winter wedding!!! However, I don't, so I had a summer wedding... Winter weddings are just so amazing!

  4. Winter weddings are my favorite!!! Love the idea of being inside with roaring fireplaces and it snowing outside. It's so romantic!

  5. So pretty! I had a wintry aubergine & silver scheme for my late summer wedding (maybe my subconscious was telling me to get married later in the year).

  6. I love absolutely every one of these tips Emily! I'm a firm believer that holiday weddings don't need to be kitschy or cliche at all. It's all about creating a warm atmosphere, and lots and lots of glitter ;) xoxo


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