29 February 2012

favorite shops series: Valentina Ramos

There is SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF. On Etsy! Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by the talent, quality, beauty. I am compelled to buy it all (I have a shopping problem) but I'm also not a millionaire and can't afford it ALL (though I am extremely good at justifying my PayPal balance as my "flex account"), so I opt for featuring it here in hopes that I can help others discover the magical goodies offered by these artisans!

Last month I featured a bunch of Los Angeles natives and their awesome-sauce wares; if there are any featured shops hailing from my home town, I will give 'em a "holla" but otherwise I'm not discriminating based on geography!

Without further ado, I want to recognize a shop whose lovely artwork I've been coveting: Valentina Ramos.

You may have already heard of Valentina: her work is featured on DENY Designs as art for your home: duvet covers, shower curtains, jewelry boxes, and the like.  She also blogs and sells her lovely art in a variety of different reincarnations in the online marketplace (see links below).

Valentina is also celebrating leap year today by offering her customers 29% off on Etsy!  Use coupon code "29FEB" to get this great discount!

Valentina's work is a delicious culmination of black pen ink drawings plus pops of bright color with a South American influence (Valentina is Venezuelan!).  Her intricately-detailed work is driven by "the idea of the creation of a unified whole through the use of minute details. The use of pop colors, lines and circles that swirl & undulate result in playful artwork made with passion." (In Valentina's own words!)

Here is just a sample of the gorgeous art that Valentina has to offer; remember to stop by her Etsy shop and take advantage of her leap day deal!

"Mr. Pavo Real" print by Valentina Ramos

"Believe in Yourself" print by Valentina Ramos

"My Dear Horatio" print by Valentina Ramos

More places to find Valentina:


24 February 2012

handmade // cloudy day.

Cool, cloudy days are fast disappearing!  I will be sure to celebrate the spring as we move into March, but for now, I wanted to showcase some AMAZING stormy goodies I've encountered -- those of you who love rainy days like I do will appreciate some of these accessories to cool you down (at least in spirit!) during hot summer months.

White concrete with crushed glass in a stainless steel pendant necklace

No kids here, but mark my words, if I ever have a baby, I'm snatching one of these!

This might as well be an illustration of me in the rain!  By nidhi on Etsy.

Rainy day in Paris.  Sigh.  By Rebecca Plotnick.

Umbrella necklace by Emilina Ballerina.

Etsy Item of the Day

Anna Delores is currently featured on Etsy Item of the Day!  Many thanks to Jackie for featuring "Spoons" in black and white from Anna Delores Photography.

"Spoons" featured as Etsy's Item of the Day

21 February 2012

Luck of the Irish.

I canNOT believe it's late February.  2012 is already flashing before our eyes.

C'est la vie.  In the meantime, here is some early St. Patrick's Day inspiration for ya!  I already have my green food coloring for beer this year...  ;)

Luck of the Irish by AnnaDelores on Etsy

20 February 2012

Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Jenny Sangster for winning the $50 gift certificate to Anna Delores Photography!  And thank you to ALL of you for participating!  Check your e-mail inboxes for a big-ass "thank you" coupon.  :)

14 February 2012

valentine swap!

This is my third time participating in a handmade lovin'-inspired swap (the first one was a photography swap with the lovely ladies of FPOE, and the second a post-holiday celebration coordinated by Leonora of Yellow Heart Art), and I was so very lucky to be paired up with Krystal of Krystal's Kitsch!  Krystal sent me a lovely snail-mail surprise bundle of goodies (and I sent her some love, too!).  Many thanks to Alissa and Caroline for organizing this event.

Check out the rad Valentines I got from my V-Day swap pal!  Thanks again, Krystal!!

13 February 2012

Anna. Delores. GIVE. A. WAY!

I am SUPER excited to host another giveaway for Anna Delores Photography!  Check this out: winner gets $50 to blow on whatever his/her heart desires from my shop on Etsy!  Not too shabby, right?

Winner of this giveaway gets fifty bucks to use at www.annadelores.etsy.com!

So whatcha gotta do?  Enter with Rafflecopter below!

Mandatory entry: You must also be a follower of this blog--use Rafflecopter to tell me your GFC info!  LOTS of optional entries below!

Giveaway entries must be received by 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 19.  Winner will be selected and announced on Monday, February 20!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

09 February 2012

unique LA

I've tentatively decided to take a break from house prep this coming weekend to visit my first "Unique LA" event -- what seems like a super-cool ode to handmade right here in my hometown!  

The event was shared with me by fellow Angeleno Jonathan Ventura (recently featured right here!) and is boasting a few of my faves (like Nan Lawson! Or Neena Creates!) so I decided I'd cruise downtown on Saturday OR Sunday to take a peek.  If you're in the area, I recommend you do the same; here is some of the awesome talent you'll discover.

I already mentioned that the lovely Nan Lawson will be selling her wares at the event!

I had a heck of a time selecting an image to add to the blog for The Poster List (though I thought this one most appropriate).  I have a big crush on these guys; I've happened upon them before at the Melrose Trading Post and they seriously rock.  Only click on this link to their site if you're ready to drop some cash (but not too much, because they are totally affordable).

The Poster List will be at Unique LA Feb. 11-12

There are also accessories aplenty to whet your fashionable appetite.  I LOVE Yellow Wallpaper's wallets and Vintage Remade's recycled bags. 

Super-cute wallets from Yellow Wallpaper at Unique LA this weekend.

I've also fallen head-over-heels for Selina Vaughen's amazing bags made from vintage fabrics!

One of many bags you'll discover from local artisans at Unique LA this weekend.

Another favorite of mine, someone I found on Etsy months ago, is Neena Creates (from whom I ordered a SUPER cute, SUPER comfy tank over the summer).  Her Shakespearean, French, and Italian quotes and sayings c'est magnifique, and the designs are simply to die for!

Apparel from Neena Creates at Unique LA this weekend!  Great V-day gift ideas!

My only complaint about Sass&Peril is that they don't make these T-shirts in BIG kid (i.e. adult) sizes!

Check out these and MANY MORE exciting vendors at Unique LA this weekend!  Maybe I'll see you there. 

07 February 2012

decorating my new home.

As I hope you now know, only because I've been blabbing so much about it, I recently moved into a new home (with my boyfriend! Eeek! It's been an adjustment).  Anyway, one of my favorite parts about getting into a new space is the REDECORATING.  Yeah, sure, I end up broke, but I have a lot of fun getting there.  The Etsy fanatic that I've become this past year, of COURSE I've gotten a handful of home decor goodies from the likes of some great Etsy sellers.  Here's just a sampling of what I've either already ordered or have in my Etsy favorites or Pinterest lists for making my new home feel, well, like home.

Switch plate cover
One of my first orders of business when we moved in was to eliminate the presence of old switch plate covers; I don't know why anyone would settle for those ugly plastic covers when they can snatch something like this gem from Atelier Yumi.  I have also become a fan of Turn Me On Art and Funky Chicken Design.

Okay, okay -- so light switch covers don't impress you (in which case, shame on you -- you should know that the little details can make a big difference!).  How about wall decor?

When we first started talking about moving in together, I asked my boyfriend if we could hang my photographs on our walls.  I will still add a few of my own creations to our currently-blank space, but I've also found that I get tired of looking at my own images (since I'm already looking at them all the time as part of my Etsy business).  So I'm rotating in a few of my favorites from OTHER talented Etsy photographers like Slight Clutter, JPG Photography, You Anchor Me, SSC Photography... the list goes on and on.

Katya Horner of Slight Clutter photographs trees like nobody's business.

Still life vintage tea cups from Amelia Kay Photography

I have this gorgeous image from SSC Photography by Shannon Clark!

We already know how much I adore Julie Parker Garza's owl photography!

And I'm sorry, but I have to give a shout-out to these lovelies; I haven't decided what I want to do with them yet which is my ONLY reason for holding back on purchase... I will say they've been quite popular on Tophatter auctions!

wall mount knobs from The Door Stop

Side note, and not from Etsy: I'm also in love with these curtain pull-backs from Urban Outfitters:

Door knob curtain tie back from Urban Outfitters

I also scored myself an antique mason jar soap dispenser from The Country Barrel -- so very cool and retro but still in pristine condition.  Highly recommended.  They also sell solar-powered outdoor lamps made out of the same jars!  A future fixture on my patio, to be sure.

Century-old mason jars with zinc lids as soap dispensers!  Mega score.

I'm also pretty smitten with my new felt rosette stems, courtesy of Cole Franke of handmade colectibles (not a typo -- that's how Cole's shop name is spelled!).  I got a rad custom assortment of colors that I'm splitting between the bedroom and the bathroom (thanks Cole!!).

Rosette blooms from handmade colectibles

More to come.  I am WAY too obsessed with home decor for this to be the end.  Looking for more?  Check out my boards on Pinterest for more of my favorites.

Anon-Y-Mouse :: GIVEAWAY winner

Many congratulations to Suzanne Gregg for winning the Anon-Y-Mouse Prints giveaway -- a set of eight super-cute Valentine's Day cards from Jonathan Ventura of Anon-Y-Mouse.

Suzanne is the happy new owner of Anon-Y-Mouse V-Day cards!

01 February 2012

my picks for my valentine.

If I thought Etsy was fantastic for Christmas shopping, then I'm all but overwhelmed for Valentine's Day!  My birthday is the same week as V-Day so I don't usually celebrate (whether single or coupled or whatever), but some of this stuff is too darn cute!  Here are my faves for Cupid's b'day.

I love the lens-play on this photo notecard by Irina Photography

Such a sweet print from UUPP :: "Happy Art for Happy Walls"

Another adorable print from Leonora over at Yellow Heart Art

The loveliest little kraft hearts (for scrapbooking! Duh!)

Cute shoe clips for date night?  YES PLEASE!

Need a cute top to go with your new shoes?  YES PLEASE!

Burlap heart garland.  Just 'cuz.  C'mon, it's pretty!

Lovely & romantic photographs from Evie Marie Bee

Break free from the typical gemstone or heart-shaped locket jewelry!

Pick up some flowers that will last past President's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day to you!
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