29 February 2012

favorite shops series: Valentina Ramos

There is SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF. On Etsy! Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by the talent, quality, beauty. I am compelled to buy it all (I have a shopping problem) but I'm also not a millionaire and can't afford it ALL (though I am extremely good at justifying my PayPal balance as my "flex account"), so I opt for featuring it here in hopes that I can help others discover the magical goodies offered by these artisans!

Last month I featured a bunch of Los Angeles natives and their awesome-sauce wares; if there are any featured shops hailing from my home town, I will give 'em a "holla" but otherwise I'm not discriminating based on geography!

Without further ado, I want to recognize a shop whose lovely artwork I've been coveting: Valentina Ramos.

You may have already heard of Valentina: her work is featured on DENY Designs as art for your home: duvet covers, shower curtains, jewelry boxes, and the like.  She also blogs and sells her lovely art in a variety of different reincarnations in the online marketplace (see links below).

Valentina is also celebrating leap year today by offering her customers 29% off on Etsy!  Use coupon code "29FEB" to get this great discount!

Valentina's work is a delicious culmination of black pen ink drawings plus pops of bright color with a South American influence (Valentina is Venezuelan!).  Her intricately-detailed work is driven by "the idea of the creation of a unified whole through the use of minute details. The use of pop colors, lines and circles that swirl & undulate result in playful artwork made with passion." (In Valentina's own words!)

Here is just a sample of the gorgeous art that Valentina has to offer; remember to stop by her Etsy shop and take advantage of her leap day deal!

"Mr. Pavo Real" print by Valentina Ramos

"Believe in Yourself" print by Valentina Ramos

"My Dear Horatio" print by Valentina Ramos

More places to find Valentina:


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