26 December 2011

after-holiday sale at Anna Delores

Macaroon notecards on sale, like everything else, for 50% off
I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday!  Hanukkah is still going strong and I know Christmas for me and my family was just superb.  We ate a TON of food, exchanged fun gifts, and I'm now ready to bask in the glow of a work-free week!

Shameless self-promotion ahead.  Ready?  Okay, you've been warned.

EVERYTHING (yes, everything!) is on sale RIGHT NOW at Anna Delores Photography: 50% off calendars, photo jewelry, notecards, and (of course) photography prints.  This sale is only on for a couple of days, so get your shopping on!

22 December 2011

new photography

I have a new desktop computer, something I haven't had in about 10 years -- I've had laptops since high school!  I inherited my brother's desktop computer, as he's in Japan for a year and his apartment in Osaka barely fits his person, much less a 21-inch monitor plus tower plus speakers... you get the idea.

Anyway, my boyfriend installed Photoshop CS 5.1 (ish?) on my computer and last night I went a little crazy!  I'm really excited about some of these and looking forward to some more.  They'll go up on Etsy in full glory in January when I spruce everything up post-holiday (and hopefully have some serious progress with my new website).  Some of them, though, I couldn't wait and they're already for sale.  :)

I also noticed (and I imagine you will, too) that I'm feeling very dark and brooding with my photo editing lately!  I LIKE it, it's fun to be so dramatic.  I hope the fans like it, too.  :)

Chandelier on Hollywood Boulevard

My new favorite: vintage Packard in Silverlake, Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California

Vintage cash register

Stay tuned -- more coming soon!
And happiest of holidays to you all!
See you again after Christmas.

21 December 2011

photographing Paris

I'm a little behind on this post -- it was first published over a month ago, but I felt myself falling in love with Paris all over again after reading Marisa's guest blog post over on Hip Paris.  Le sigh.

Photography by Marisa Williams

I found myself caught up in the photography articles on Hip Paris; I recommend checking out this amazing blog for yourself.

You know what else makes me miss Paris?  Photos of ice skating at Hotel de Ville.  My cousin and I were just there in April but admitted to each other that we want to cry for having missed winter in the City of Lights.

Ice skating rink at Hotel de Ville in Paris: December through March.

19 December 2011

handmade // badgers + owls.

Honey Badger mug - corduroy by Jen Ray.
I want EVERYTHING in Jen Ray's Etsy shop, corduroy.  Everything is simply fabulous.  My only complaint about Jen is that she can't clone herself and thus create twice as many amazing, quirky, awesome works of art.

Last week I received my Honey Badger mug in the mail!  It says "look at that sleepy f**k" and I'm obsessed with it.  It's so cute and funny and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  It also makes me feel sufficiently sardonic and bitter in a good way -- like, "get out of my way; I haven't had my coffee yet, bitches."

This is a sturdy, solid, dishwasher-safe ceramic mug --well-made and looks exactly like it does in its listing on Etsy.  I encourage you to scoop up your very own original Jen Ray piece before she discontinues the Honey Badger line in 2012!

Other mail goodies: I decided to buy my mom a photography print from Julie of JPG Photography for Christmas.  My mother has loved owls and collected tchotchkes in their likeness for years, before I was born and thus way before it was cool and trendy to love owls.  Julie's gorgeous barn owl photo series seemed the perfect gift for Mom for Christmas, despite the fact that (a) I already have plenty of gifts for her, and (b) most of those gifts are photo prints already (ones of mine that she's requested)!  Still, I know she'd love it, so I purchased "Whiter Shade of Pale."

"Whiter Shade of Pale" in 8x12" photo print by JPG Photography

I got Julie's envelope in the mail this afternoon, and I. Was. Speechless.  This photo is so stunning in person that I just stared at it for who knows how long -- full minutes, to be sure.  THEN I noticed the AMAZING gift Julie included for me: a print of the equally-breathtaking "You Precious Thing" on metallic finish photo paper.

"You Precious Thing" 8x10" photo print by JPG Photography

Julie totally gets that feeling of surprise and excitement when you realize you've been given a special gift with your order.  She made my otherwise dreary Monday quite a bit brighter.  :)  Thank you, Julie!!

17 December 2011

JPG Photography :: we have a winner!

Congratulations to Maegan Morin, winner of the JPG Photography giveaway!  Maegan has won her choice of 8x8", 8x10", or 8x12" photography print from Julie Parker-Garza.  Thanks to everyone for participating in the giveaway!

16 December 2011

The most beautiful things in the world ... are FELT

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Today is Free Shipping Day!  All of these vendors are under oath to deliver by Christmas Eve, so this day is for YOU, last-minute shoppers!

Now, on to the obsession of the day...

I am in a phase where I love everything FELT.  I'm not talking emotions here, people, I mean felted goodies -- handmade Etsy goodness, of course.  Where else?  I'm not obsessed with Etsy or anything... Here are some of the amazing felt lovelies I've caught myself coveting lately.

The CUTEST holiday ornaments and garlands from Fishes Make Wishes!

Ned the Brown Moose ornament from Red Marionette

Do I have to be having some kind of party to justify garland?

If so, that's cool -- I'll opt for the ornament version from SewnNatural instead.

Same goes for these fellas -- do I need a child to justify a mobile?  Hmm...

More from Red Marionette -- can't get over these ornaments!

This color combo from sleepyking is just delicious.

Not usually crazy for wreaths, but Katie's HeartfeltYarnWreaths are to die for!

And I might want a this bouquet for my someday wedding! LOVE these!

P.S. when you look at a word for too long or say it too many times in a row, does it start to look or sound funny?  I'm having that experience with the word "felt."  :)  FELT!

Please make sure you show these shops some love!  They're all well worth the browse!

15 December 2011

Yellow Heart Art + Shabby Apple {yes please!}

The lovely Leonora from Yellow Heart Art has teamed up with Shabby Apple (swoon) for an AMAZING giveaway!  Head on over to the YHA blog to check it out... you won't be disappointed, trust me.  Follow Leo on GFC whilst you're there.  She's freakin' rad.

Go now :: http://yellowheartart.blogspot.com/2011/12/shabby-apple-dress-giveaway.html

Win a Bali-Hai dress from Yellow Heart Art + Shabby Apple!

national lemon cupcake day.

You read that post title correctly: today is "National Lemon Cupcake Day."  Except there's really no record of it anywhere, and the adjective "national" is certainly deceiving as there is no government information to back up the legitimacy of this day.

Lemon Cupcakes by LaCoda on Etsy
BUT, lemon + cupcake = amazing.  Why NOT celebrate National Lemon Cupcake Day?  Really, EVERY day should be National Lemon Cupcake Day.

Best bets for snapping up the best lemon cupcake that money can buy:

  • Crumbs Bakery (there's one that is WALKING distance from my apartment.  Dangerous.)  Lemon isn't listed on their website, but if you visit one of their locations, they do have lemon for sale.  They're delectable! 
  • Dots Cupcakes (my favorite spot in Pasadena).  The issue here, though, is that lemon is NOT one of their "daily flavors."  They DO have a raspberry lemon on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, though, so if you can stand to celebrate this important holiday a day late, I know Dots will make it worthwhile.
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I know, I know: they're not cupcakes.  But who can resist lemon bundt cake?!
  • Frosted Cupcakery (Long Beach & Los Angeles)
Have a favorite cupcake bakery I forgot to mention?  Don't keep the information to yourself!  Share it with the rest of us so we can gorge ourselves on all the lemon cupcakes we can!  Happy decadence.  :)

14 December 2011

paper pastries :: confections for your correspondence

Amazing "Message in a Bottle" kit from Paper Pastries
BIG note to the lovely Margaret :: I am NOT AT ALL complaining about you when I say that I have been waiting impatiently to feature the lovely Paper Pastries on the Anna Delores blog!  That is mostly because it gives me an excuse to fritter away otherwise productive hours at work (sorry, boss) cruising the gorgeous Paper Pastries shop on Big Cartel.

I've been a fan of PP since I stumbled upon the CUTEST custom stamps I've seen EVER!  I am itching to order one, but waiting til I move into my new place in 2012 (so that I don't get some awesome return address stamp only to render it useless after a couple months).

PP's famous "Know It All" pencil set
I solicited Margaret for a quickie Q&A and she found the time amidst her super-busy schedule accommodate me!  So excited to hear from her.  Here goes:

Me: Your products are so sweet and beautiful -- what is your biggest source of inspiration?

PP: Thank you! Each product inspiration comes from a different place. Take the stationery sets, for example: each one was made because I had looked for a similar set and couldn't find anything cute enough so I had to make my own.  ;)  Or the pencils; my sister is a teacher and requested cute pencils for her to use during class. That's where the idea for the 'Know It All' pencil set came from. The first set was so popular we just kept adding more--now we have six different sets!

Me: Nice! Can you describe your workspace and/or work process?

Super-coveting this awesome card!
PP: Well, right now, it's a disaster area! Whenever I am busy, like during the holiday season, it's crazy {insert another "thank you" for taking the time to be featured!!}. There is packaging, shipping tags, and boxes everywhere. I have to keep at least one table clear so I can package online orders.  I have about four flat work spaces, a full wall of open shelving, and a desk. It works pretty well. When I started, I was working out of my home, which wouldn't be a problem except we live in a studio. Last fall it just got to be too much for my boyfriend (now my fiancĂ©!) so we went looking for a studio space for me to work out of.

My work process really changes from week to week. Some days I'm making up products, just packing online orders, or doing something on the computer like blogging, editing shop pictures, or checking inventory. My fiancé, sister, and brother-in-law are a constant help so I couldn't do it without them.

Perfect little gift wrap kit (Valentine's Day, anyone?!)
Me: Are you offering any sales or promotions for holiday shoppers?

PP: The deadline for christmas delivery has passed, though I do send out a newsletter every season; you can sign up here http://paperpastries.bigcartel.com/newsletter-signup.  And I always include a discount code.

Me: I just signed up!  *Wink.*  Which item in your shop is an all-around best bet (i.e. your most "giftable" item)?

PP: This season it's been the custom return address stamp. People are buying one for themselves and each of their sisters or best friends. It's really been nonstop since October.
Okay, so bummer that we all (myself included) missed the holiday shipping deadline, but make sure you get yourself on that Paper Pastries newsletter for awesome-good deals in the future!  Besides, do you really need a reason like Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa to give your sisters and best friends a super-rad customized stamp?  I think not.

Last-minute Etsy shopping + andralynn winner!

I curated a treasury yesterday featuring Etsy sellers who will still ship to you in time for Christmas gifting!  Hope this gives you a few ideas, those of you who've waited til the last minute!!  You know who you are...

Last-Minute Gifts by Anna Delores

In other news, we have a winner for the Andralynn "good luck" owl giveaway!  Drumroll, please... it's the lovely Amber, selected via "Random.org"!

Congratulations on your new, adorable, super-amazing owl from Andrea Doss!

13 December 2011

Wayfaring Magnolia Vintage: GIVEAWAY!!

Wayfaring Magnolia Vintage: Anna Delores GIVEAWAY!: Here is a new giveaway for the month of December. You have a chance to win some gorgeous photography from Anna Delores Photography.

12 December 2011

Shipping deadlines! Finished shopping yet?!

Crap.  I'm pretty much done with my holiday shopping, but I am still having some anxiety about shipping deadlines.  Why?  If I'm near complete in my shopping, what am I so worried about?  First of all, Jen Ray of corduroy is discontinuing her Honey Badger products after the end of the month, so I think I feel a sense of urgency to snap up her "sleepy" mug.

And maybe because the Anna Delores Photography shipping deadline is TODAY!  I want to please everyone this season so I hope, hope, HOPE that holiday orders get placed ASAP so I can ensure their delivery to customers by Christmas. {Note: "ready to ship" items from Anna Delores can be ordered until the 18th.}  :)

Another good thing for those of you still shopping is the upcoming Free Shipping Day on December 16 -- all the sellers featured on this site are REQUIRED to get your items to you by Christmas Eve.  Kind of a great place to wrangle all the sellers who will promise delivery by Christmas: www.freeshippingday.com.

My favorite from Heartfelt Yarn Wreaths
Anyway, to help quell my strange, somewhat unwarranted holiday shipping fears, I've compiled a quickie {and by no means comprehensive} list of my favorite Etsy sellers whose shipping deadlines are today (December 12) or later, which means you can still place orders for the holidays and rest assured they'll arrive in time to lounge under your sparkling Christmas tree.  Listed in order of urgency (closest deadlines are first):

10 December 2011

Good start to the weekend

My shop is off to a happy start for the weekend with a couple of firsts: sold TWO wall calendars and my first photo locket, created for Anna Delores by Beauty Spot.  :)  Happy early Christmas to me.

Still have two of these to sell.  :)

09 December 2011

Julie Parker-Garza :: photography + giveaway!

"Second Star to the Right" by jpg photography
"I would have to go with my pirate ship series set of two in the metallic finish," muses Julie Parker-Garza when I ask her for her best recommendation for holiday gifting.  "One customer I had gave one to her husband and one to her daughter, because they love Peter Pan so much!  I think these prints evoke feelings of an epic voyage about to be embarked upon, and who doesn’t love a grand adventure?"

Indeed!  Julie (JPG Photography), a San Diegan, has given her Etsy shop the apt tag line "Owl & Pirate Ship Photography," and her barn owl portraits are to die for.  They are incredibly stunning and certainly comprise Julie's best sellers on Etsy, though JPG has a lovely variety of prints to offer her customers.

"You Precious Thing" by Julie Parker-Garza
"[My inspiration is] finding the beauty in the mundane," Julie says.  "I am a daydreamer--always have been. I dream of cobblestone streets, faraway lighthouses, and forests brimming with creatures. Unfortunately, where I live in San Diego (while beautiful), it’s difficult to capture what I dream about. Instead, I look for what is immediately around me, and try to breathe some magic into that. An ignored flower in a parking lot is transformed into a beautiful blossom in the quiet mountain side; a crowded beach is now a dreamy sparkling seaside destination, and an old vessel in the harbor is transformed into a pirate ship, about to set sail for treasure!"

"Beaches 1" by Julie Parker-Garza
Julie's workflow and description of her space evoke similar dreamy imagery: "I hunker down in the evenings and begin the process of sorting through photos, then open up Photoshop and begin tinkering around in a very organic matter.  I let the image to speak to me; often the piece will let me know how it should be transformed. I listen to music, usually something like Stars, Midlake, or Bowie.  I sing along as I work.  I sometimes name my pieces after a particular lyric that spoke to me.  Sometimes I feel like I am transported into those magical places I have created in my head and in the image. If I am editing photos from a photo shoot, like a wedding or family shoot, my workflow is more structured. I stay true to the scene of the day, but I can't resist adding a bit of magic." :)

The magic continues for Julie's customers, too, as she likes to include a couple sweet surprises with her Etsy orders when they ship.  "I like to include a small free print or two as a 'thank you.'  For every order I get, I am always blown away that someone purchased my work. The feeling that someone is hanging something on their wall that I created, that in a way they are inviting a part of me into their home—it feels amazing."  (I can TOTALLY relate to this!)

Win your choice of print from Julie!
Anna Delores readers can get a piece of JPG Photography's magic, as well!  Julie is giving one uber-lucky reader his or her choice of image from the shop in an 8x8", 8x10", or 8x12" print (up to a $26 value).  To enter the giveaway, visit JPG Photography on Facebook to give Julie a "like," plus add JPG Photography to your Etsy favorites Added bonus?  Follow the Anna Delores blog (you're already here!).   

Leave us a comment here to let us know you've entered (and for fun, let us know which image you might choose if you win!).  Remember to enter before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 16, 2011, which is when entries will close.

More places to find Julie Parker-Garza ::

08 December 2011

holiday bokeh party

Darcy of my3boybarians got me all excited about giveaways and holiday bokeh.  So here's my choice for a holiday bokeh photograph:

"Sparkle" by Anna Delores Photography

Visit Darcy's blog :: my3boybarians

holiday cocktail party

In honor of the cocktail party I'm hosting with my three best girlfriends tomorrow night (!!) I curated a collection of celebration-worthy holiday goodies offered by Etsy artisans.  Enjoy.  :)

Holiday Cocktail Party by AnnaDelores

07 December 2011

sweet eventide :: we miss you already

The dear Jess has announced her {temporary} retirement from selling fine art photography, and I was moved by the honesty and self-respect with which she made this announcement. Much love and support to you, Jess.

Jess is still selling a few calendars from her shop while supplies last.

sweet eventide by Jessica Nichols: Dearest friends, It is with a sad, but relieved, heart that I am announcing a major sabbatical for Sweet Eventide. I have poured my heart,...

the lovely Carolyn Cochrane + 20% off

First order of business :: remember to enter the giveaway for Regan Daniels, as that jig is up tonight at midnight!

On to the next piece of business (and by business, I mean SUPER FUN times) :: Carolyn Cochrane I really love, love, LOVE Carolyn's work, and she's a super-sweet gal to boot. 

"The Hush of Winter"
"Thank you for your nice compliment!"

You're welcome, Carolyn!  Tell us about your work.

"I honestly feel like my biggest source of inspiration comes from within. I've always had a big desire to create art since the time I was a little girl. If I have a few days where I don't do anything creative, whether it's shooting new pictures or editing them on the computer, I feel like something's missing and I don't quite feel like myself. I get so much pleasure out of creating images, it makes me feel like I'm my most authentic self."

Word!  Genuine and intrinsically motivated, that Carolyn -- I love it.  How about your workspace?

"Snowy Beach" from Carolyn Cochrane
"We have a small second living room in our house that I converted into my workspace.  (So lucky!  My workspace is still in my one and only living room.)  I have a hard time keeping it tidy! I'm convinced that one of the downfalls of being a creative person is messiness. I wish this wasn't the case but I can't help it.  When I'm on a mission to create new images, straightening up is the last thing on my mind."

Carolyn's lovely images are accompanied by little friends, too -- when you order from Carolyn's shop, you get some extra surprises!  I am a huge fan of such surprises, myself; I love to get little unexpected goodies when I receive orders, especially from special sellers on the likes of Etsy.

Hello, gorgeous! "Sit Awhile With Me"
"I just started to include one or two free art postcards in each of my customers orders. I also include a bookmark featuring some of my beach images. I think it's fun to find a little something extra in a package that I've ordered online (what did I just say?! LOVE!), so why not do it for my customers, too? It's a small way for me to show them I really appreciate their order."

Carolyn's holiday shipping deadline is just a couple days away -- December 11 -- and she's offering all Anna Delores readers a 20% off discount!  Best way to use Carolyn's generous discount?  "Photo calendars make great gifts, especially my loose leaf 5x7" calendars. I offer two versions: one with my calming beach photos and one with my colorful flower photos. Every month features a different photograph from my shop. Once the month is over, your gift recipient can cut the white month area off and frame the 5x5" print. It's like two gifts in one: a calendar and frameable art!"

Thanks, Carolyn!  Super psyched to go shopping!  Just enter coupon code "20PERCENT" at Etsy checkout for your 20% off discount.  Easy, right?!

"I Wonder As I Wander" by Carolyn Cochrane

One last note from Carolyn: "I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!"  Aww, thanks Carolyn!  Same to you and more of it!  :)

More places to find Carolyn ::

06 December 2011

the whimsical work of andralynn + giveaway

If you're way impatient for the giveaway, I understand -- impatience is part of my DNA.  So I'll cut you a break and give you the 411 right off the bat.  To enter this giveaway, connect with me via GFC (Google Friend Connect) and visit Andrea's blog to do the same.
Leave a comment on this post to let us know you've entered!

"New Friends" painting by Andralynn
Andrea Doss is the creative force behind Andralynn :: the cutest darn works of art and goodies for your kiddos!  Just as with Abby Berkson, I totally covet Andrea's work, despite the fact that I do not have children.  :)  Earlier this year I was introduced to Andralynn via Quite Unique, and I've been smitten ever since.  I bought some darling dragon postcards (among other goodies) that I cannot WAIT to give to my two-year-old niece for Christmas!

"In my house, there are tea parties, space exploration missions, pirate adventures, and world tours via train and horseback going on almost constantly," Andrea says, when asked to explain her inspiration for her work.  "It's hard not to be inspired by all that imagination!  My two girls never stop coming up with stories (and asking me to come up with stories for them!). I just paint it."

"Elephant Bath" original painting
Like many of us Etsy sellers, there is a decided disconnect between our ideal workspace and reality.  "My dream work space is a huge room with lots of tables and work surface. There are drawers to put everything away, and shelves to hold all my canvases and paper. Large windows let in lots of natural light, and there's always soft, inspiring music playing in the background," Andrea describes (as I hang on every word).  "What I have, however, is the kitchen table. It's small and round, and there are usually bowls of crackers and cups of juice sitting nearby left over from snack time. It's completely underwhelming, but I love it because I'm in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the house."

One of my favorite things about Andrea's shop is that many of her listings come with the sweetest stories about the characters depicted!  For one of her "felt cuties" mini-collections, for example, she tells the story of Fox:

Felt cuties: "Woodland Camping" Set
Fox is an expert woodsman and camping professional. He would be more than happy to take you on an adventure and show you all the ropes. His camping instruction includes how to brown a marshmallow perfectly over a campfire, how to doze peacefully under the shade of a pine tree, and how to sing a lively campfire tune. 

I mean, come on, how cute is that?  How can you not fall in love?!  I adored the felt cuties BEFORE I knew there were stories to accompany them!

One more reason to fall in love with Andrea and her work: an awesome GIVEAWAY.  Andrea is giving one lucky Anna Delores reader one "good luck" wooden owl.  I have a couple of these myself (from my Quite Unique purchase!) and I LOVE them!  She even threw in an extra with my order (she's talented AND generous!).

Win a "good luck" owl from Andralynn!
To enter this giveaway, follow me and Andrea on our blogs.  Connect with me via GFC (Google Friend Connect) and visit Andrea's blog to do the same Leave a brief comment here to let us know you've done this, and do it quick!  This giveaway ends one week from today, on Tuesday, December 13, 2011.  Don't miss your chance to nab one of these adorable little owls!

Other places to find Andrea Doss ::

05 December 2011

yellow heart art!

One of Yellow Heart Art's best sellers!
This next chica is so fantastic I don't even really know how to best introduce her.  Seriously.  Her blog makes me laugh, her shop is the best thing since sliced bread, and she is one of the most charming Etsyans EVER.  I want to be real-life friends with Miss Leonora of Yellow Heart Art -- she just seems like she'd be super-cool to hang out with!

Shortly after my initial acquaintance with Leonora's Etsy inventory, I told her I coveted everything in her shop and asked, "what is your biggest source of inspiration?"  To which she replied, "wow, thank YOU for thinkin' my products are ballin' (you're officially my favoritest person ever) (I totally made up a word)."

My absolute favorite print from Leonora.
But really, Leo!  "To be honest, I have no clue where I get my inspiration from haha! I dig things that are unconventional and quirky, so I just kinda wing it and go in that direction."

Fair enough.  How does it happen?  "I think of a wacky saying, come up with a color scheme, then BAM--a print is born. It's usually not THAT instant, it could take me three hours to a week to finalize a print."  I gotta say, waiting just three hours and even a week for Leonora's genius is a drop in the metaphorical bucket!

As a photographer I'm obligated to love this.  And I do!
"Recently I had to go on a loooong hiatus but I left my shop open for orders. Anyone who ordered from me from September till October had to wait till beginning of November for me to ship their items. (Seriously how awesome are my customers that they're willing to wait THAT LONG for something??)"  Perhaps as awesome as Yellow Heart Art!  Well worth the wait, I'd say.

When I asked Leonora about her recommendations for holiday gift-giving, she said, "oOOooOO good question, home girl! Hmmm I would say that my new '$15 and under' section is perfect for stocking stuffers or hostess gifts! They have 'mini prints' and printables there that people can use to decorate their gifts this holiday."

Printable goodies from Yellow Heart Art
Many thanks to Leonora for answering my questions and allowing me to pen such an obnoxious womance (female version of "bromance," thank you very much) homage to her and her shop!  Please check it out -- your "oohs" and "ahhs" will help you narrow down some amazing options for holiday gifting!

And guess what?  Her holiday shipping deadline is TODAY.  You heard me right.  So pop over to Yellow Heart Art NOW to ensure you're NOT missing out.  Happy Heart-ing!

Excuse me: did I MENTION the jewelry?!

Vespa fabric pendant necklace by Leonora of Yellow Heart Art

PSST: if you miss the December 5 deadline, you can still get yourself a gift certificate!  That's what we like to call a SCORE.
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