07 December 2011

the lovely Carolyn Cochrane + 20% off

First order of business :: remember to enter the giveaway for Regan Daniels, as that jig is up tonight at midnight!

On to the next piece of business (and by business, I mean SUPER FUN times) :: Carolyn Cochrane I really love, love, LOVE Carolyn's work, and she's a super-sweet gal to boot. 

"The Hush of Winter"
"Thank you for your nice compliment!"

You're welcome, Carolyn!  Tell us about your work.

"I honestly feel like my biggest source of inspiration comes from within. I've always had a big desire to create art since the time I was a little girl. If I have a few days where I don't do anything creative, whether it's shooting new pictures or editing them on the computer, I feel like something's missing and I don't quite feel like myself. I get so much pleasure out of creating images, it makes me feel like I'm my most authentic self."

Word!  Genuine and intrinsically motivated, that Carolyn -- I love it.  How about your workspace?

"Snowy Beach" from Carolyn Cochrane
"We have a small second living room in our house that I converted into my workspace.  (So lucky!  My workspace is still in my one and only living room.)  I have a hard time keeping it tidy! I'm convinced that one of the downfalls of being a creative person is messiness. I wish this wasn't the case but I can't help it.  When I'm on a mission to create new images, straightening up is the last thing on my mind."

Carolyn's lovely images are accompanied by little friends, too -- when you order from Carolyn's shop, you get some extra surprises!  I am a huge fan of such surprises, myself; I love to get little unexpected goodies when I receive orders, especially from special sellers on the likes of Etsy.

Hello, gorgeous! "Sit Awhile With Me"
"I just started to include one or two free art postcards in each of my customers orders. I also include a bookmark featuring some of my beach images. I think it's fun to find a little something extra in a package that I've ordered online (what did I just say?! LOVE!), so why not do it for my customers, too? It's a small way for me to show them I really appreciate their order."

Carolyn's holiday shipping deadline is just a couple days away -- December 11 -- and she's offering all Anna Delores readers a 20% off discount!  Best way to use Carolyn's generous discount?  "Photo calendars make great gifts, especially my loose leaf 5x7" calendars. I offer two versions: one with my calming beach photos and one with my colorful flower photos. Every month features a different photograph from my shop. Once the month is over, your gift recipient can cut the white month area off and frame the 5x5" print. It's like two gifts in one: a calendar and frameable art!"

Thanks, Carolyn!  Super psyched to go shopping!  Just enter coupon code "20PERCENT" at Etsy checkout for your 20% off discount.  Easy, right?!

"I Wonder As I Wander" by Carolyn Cochrane

One last note from Carolyn: "I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!"  Aww, thanks Carolyn!  Same to you and more of it!  :)

More places to find Carolyn ::

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