05 December 2011

yellow heart art!

One of Yellow Heart Art's best sellers!
This next chica is so fantastic I don't even really know how to best introduce her.  Seriously.  Her blog makes me laugh, her shop is the best thing since sliced bread, and she is one of the most charming Etsyans EVER.  I want to be real-life friends with Miss Leonora of Yellow Heart Art -- she just seems like she'd be super-cool to hang out with!

Shortly after my initial acquaintance with Leonora's Etsy inventory, I told her I coveted everything in her shop and asked, "what is your biggest source of inspiration?"  To which she replied, "wow, thank YOU for thinkin' my products are ballin' (you're officially my favoritest person ever) (I totally made up a word)."

My absolute favorite print from Leonora.
But really, Leo!  "To be honest, I have no clue where I get my inspiration from haha! I dig things that are unconventional and quirky, so I just kinda wing it and go in that direction."

Fair enough.  How does it happen?  "I think of a wacky saying, come up with a color scheme, then BAM--a print is born. It's usually not THAT instant, it could take me three hours to a week to finalize a print."  I gotta say, waiting just three hours and even a week for Leonora's genius is a drop in the metaphorical bucket!

As a photographer I'm obligated to love this.  And I do!
"Recently I had to go on a loooong hiatus but I left my shop open for orders. Anyone who ordered from me from September till October had to wait till beginning of November for me to ship their items. (Seriously how awesome are my customers that they're willing to wait THAT LONG for something??)"  Perhaps as awesome as Yellow Heart Art!  Well worth the wait, I'd say.

When I asked Leonora about her recommendations for holiday gift-giving, she said, "oOOooOO good question, home girl! Hmmm I would say that my new '$15 and under' section is perfect for stocking stuffers or hostess gifts! They have 'mini prints' and printables there that people can use to decorate their gifts this holiday."

Printable goodies from Yellow Heart Art
Many thanks to Leonora for answering my questions and allowing me to pen such an obnoxious womance (female version of "bromance," thank you very much) homage to her and her shop!  Please check it out -- your "oohs" and "ahhs" will help you narrow down some amazing options for holiday gifting!

And guess what?  Her holiday shipping deadline is TODAY.  You heard me right.  So pop over to Yellow Heart Art NOW to ensure you're NOT missing out.  Happy Heart-ing!

Excuse me: did I MENTION the jewelry?!

Vespa fabric pendant necklace by Leonora of Yellow Heart Art

PSST: if you miss the December 5 deadline, you can still get yourself a gift certificate!  That's what we like to call a SCORE.


  1. I LOVE Yellow Heart Art! I've been eyeing her fabric pendant necklaces for a while now, perhaps a post-Christmas gift to myself will be in order!

  2. LOVE it, Jillian! I know, her stuff is to die for!!


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