04 December 2011

best mail week EVER!

I had an extraordinarily lovely batch of mail this past week!  I thought I'd share my delightful packages with y'all.

First up is my photography print arrival from the uber-talented Danny of Maximonstertje Photography!  Danny was one of my "photo swap" partners for the holidays (an idea cooked up by the brilliant Carrie Gault) and Danny had the good sense to contact me first to see which print I wanted (a favor I reciprocated to her as well as to my other swap partner in Los Angeles!).  I selected the breathtaking "A Long Time Ago" and it's even lovelier in person than it was in Danny's shop!

Danny sent me the print in lovely packaging with a sweet note.

I scored an autograph and everything!  :)

Next, I got some decadent goodies from none other than Traci of Sampler Village!  I contributed a handful of my photographs to Traci's December sample boxes (get one before they sell out!).  Anyway, I bought my own box o' treats and was rewarded with earrings, paper crafts, and TONS of deliciously-fragranced body care!  Just a peek at some of the fun stuff that greeted my mailbox:

And this is only about half of what I received in my Sampler Village box!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, I received my highly-anticipated, anxiously-awaited delivery of photo pendant necklaces from Polina & Sergey of Beauty Spot.  I've been working with Polina for at least a month to create custom-made necklaces with MY photographs on them!  I've ventured this before on my own, but Polina and Sergey are professionals, and it shows in the jewelry I received!  I can't wait to start selling them.

New to Anna Delores :: photo necklaces!  My favorite is Eerie Twilight on a locket.

That's all for now, folks!  Back with the most fabulous Etsy seller features on Monday.


  1. Love it all! Am going to check on Sampler Village right now.

  2. I love Beauty Spot! I got a necklace from them awhile ago :D Yours look great, congrats!
    BleuOiseau Photography


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