16 December 2011

The most beautiful things in the world ... are FELT

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Today is Free Shipping Day!  All of these vendors are under oath to deliver by Christmas Eve, so this day is for YOU, last-minute shoppers!

Now, on to the obsession of the day...

I am in a phase where I love everything FELT.  I'm not talking emotions here, people, I mean felted goodies -- handmade Etsy goodness, of course.  Where else?  I'm not obsessed with Etsy or anything... Here are some of the amazing felt lovelies I've caught myself coveting lately.

The CUTEST holiday ornaments and garlands from Fishes Make Wishes!

Ned the Brown Moose ornament from Red Marionette

Do I have to be having some kind of party to justify garland?

If so, that's cool -- I'll opt for the ornament version from SewnNatural instead.

Same goes for these fellas -- do I need a child to justify a mobile?  Hmm...

More from Red Marionette -- can't get over these ornaments!

This color combo from sleepyking is just delicious.

Not usually crazy for wreaths, but Katie's HeartfeltYarnWreaths are to die for!

And I might want a this bouquet for my someday wedding! LOVE these!

P.S. when you look at a word for too long or say it too many times in a row, does it start to look or sound funny?  I'm having that experience with the word "felt."  :)  FELT!

Please make sure you show these shops some love!  They're all well worth the browse!


  1. Thanks so much for including our goodies in your blog post! I love all of the variety of uses felt has! Kelli
    Red Marionette

  2. thank you for including my ornaments! I just love all your picks, especially Ned he's the cutest moose I've seen :-)

  3. Thank you for featuring my felt bird baby mobile.
    Amazing finds :)


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