02 December 2011

abby berkson ceramics

One of my favorites from Abby Berkson!
I keep telling myself I should probably have kids before I can justify splurging on the (albeit breakable) super-cute designs of Abby Berkson Ceramics, but it's not mandatory, right?  I might let my inner child do the talking this December with the whimsical creations Miss Abby whips up!

"I am very inspired by children's book illustrations, especially older illustrations from the first half of the 20th century," Abby tells me.  "I am also very inspired by vintage textile design, especially juvenile prints and florals." (What a coincidence: ME TOO!)

Could this little sugar pot be any sweeter?
Abby works hard on making sure her pieces are a treasured addition to your family: "Ceramics are a bit complicated to package and ship, so I focus on making sure they are well-packed and always arrive safely at their destinations.  I sometimes wish I could package more beautifully, but I do put animal stickers by the address labels to make the boxes look cute when they arrive!"  LOVE this!  She's also operating under strict space limitations.  "I currently rent a very small space in a communal ceramic studio; it gets really tight in there!  I spend a lot of time moving things around to make space for new pieces."  This is Abby's way of encouraging us to take some inventory off her hands.  ;)  Happy to oblige!

Giraffe juice cup and bowl set for the kiddos (or grown-ups) in your life!
Abby is looking forward to the next stage in honing her craft: turning the basement of her home into her new work space.  The way she describes it makes ME want to take up pottery and score such a studio myself: "It is a walkout basement with nice windows, so it will be open to the backyard in nice weather, and have some natural sunlight."

Abby's top recommendation for gift inspirations for her shop?  "Mugs!  Any and all mugs, from tiny espresso cups and teacups to big soup mugs and extra-large, 22-ounce coffee mugs--they all seem to be very popular as gifts."  True story!  Aside from the decidedly limited capacity of my tiny apartment cabinets, I adhere to the firm belief that one can never have too many mugs.

Handmade ceramic soup mug
Learn more about Abby and her craft on her website, www.abbyberkson.com.  She loves to do custom work, too, and although custom requests are on holiday hiatus, I have no doubt you'll find something to love among the bunnies and owls and bears (oh my!) of her current collection.

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