14 December 2011

paper pastries :: confections for your correspondence

Amazing "Message in a Bottle" kit from Paper Pastries
BIG note to the lovely Margaret :: I am NOT AT ALL complaining about you when I say that I have been waiting impatiently to feature the lovely Paper Pastries on the Anna Delores blog!  That is mostly because it gives me an excuse to fritter away otherwise productive hours at work (sorry, boss) cruising the gorgeous Paper Pastries shop on Big Cartel.

I've been a fan of PP since I stumbled upon the CUTEST custom stamps I've seen EVER!  I am itching to order one, but waiting til I move into my new place in 2012 (so that I don't get some awesome return address stamp only to render it useless after a couple months).

PP's famous "Know It All" pencil set
I solicited Margaret for a quickie Q&A and she found the time amidst her super-busy schedule accommodate me!  So excited to hear from her.  Here goes:

Me: Your products are so sweet and beautiful -- what is your biggest source of inspiration?

PP: Thank you! Each product inspiration comes from a different place. Take the stationery sets, for example: each one was made because I had looked for a similar set and couldn't find anything cute enough so I had to make my own.  ;)  Or the pencils; my sister is a teacher and requested cute pencils for her to use during class. That's where the idea for the 'Know It All' pencil set came from. The first set was so popular we just kept adding more--now we have six different sets!

Me: Nice! Can you describe your workspace and/or work process?

Super-coveting this awesome card!
PP: Well, right now, it's a disaster area! Whenever I am busy, like during the holiday season, it's crazy {insert another "thank you" for taking the time to be featured!!}. There is packaging, shipping tags, and boxes everywhere. I have to keep at least one table clear so I can package online orders.  I have about four flat work spaces, a full wall of open shelving, and a desk. It works pretty well. When I started, I was working out of my home, which wouldn't be a problem except we live in a studio. Last fall it just got to be too much for my boyfriend (now my fiancé!) so we went looking for a studio space for me to work out of.

My work process really changes from week to week. Some days I'm making up products, just packing online orders, or doing something on the computer like blogging, editing shop pictures, or checking inventory. My fiancé, sister, and brother-in-law are a constant help so I couldn't do it without them.

Perfect little gift wrap kit (Valentine's Day, anyone?!)
Me: Are you offering any sales or promotions for holiday shoppers?

PP: The deadline for christmas delivery has passed, though I do send out a newsletter every season; you can sign up here http://paperpastries.bigcartel.com/newsletter-signup.  And I always include a discount code.

Me: I just signed up!  *Wink.*  Which item in your shop is an all-around best bet (i.e. your most "giftable" item)?

PP: This season it's been the custom return address stamp. People are buying one for themselves and each of their sisters or best friends. It's really been nonstop since October.
Okay, so bummer that we all (myself included) missed the holiday shipping deadline, but make sure you get yourself on that Paper Pastries newsletter for awesome-good deals in the future!  Besides, do you really need a reason like Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa to give your sisters and best friends a super-rad customized stamp?  I think not.

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  1. Great feature. I love reading daily feature and look forward to read more from you.

    I love the know it all pencil set.

    From Etsy Blogging Buddies.
    please visit when you have the chance


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