12 December 2011

Shipping deadlines! Finished shopping yet?!

Crap.  I'm pretty much done with my holiday shopping, but I am still having some anxiety about shipping deadlines.  Why?  If I'm near complete in my shopping, what am I so worried about?  First of all, Jen Ray of corduroy is discontinuing her Honey Badger products after the end of the month, so I think I feel a sense of urgency to snap up her "sleepy" mug.

And maybe because the Anna Delores Photography shipping deadline is TODAY!  I want to please everyone this season so I hope, hope, HOPE that holiday orders get placed ASAP so I can ensure their delivery to customers by Christmas. {Note: "ready to ship" items from Anna Delores can be ordered until the 18th.}  :)

Another good thing for those of you still shopping is the upcoming Free Shipping Day on December 16 -- all the sellers featured on this site are REQUIRED to get your items to you by Christmas Eve.  Kind of a great place to wrangle all the sellers who will promise delivery by Christmas: www.freeshippingday.com.

My favorite from Heartfelt Yarn Wreaths
Anyway, to help quell my strange, somewhat unwarranted holiday shipping fears, I've compiled a quickie {and by no means comprehensive} list of my favorite Etsy sellers whose shipping deadlines are today (December 12) or later, which means you can still place orders for the holidays and rest assured they'll arrive in time to lounge under your sparkling Christmas tree.  Listed in order of urgency (closest deadlines are first):


  1. You're so welcome, Erica! :) Thanks for the AMAZING toddler tees. Can't wait to give them to my nieces for Christmas! xx


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