10 July 2012

DIY tutorial: Chevron Makeup Bag

Hey there! I'm Evani from Simply Evani and I'm so honored that Emily invited me to share at the lovely Anna Delores blog. I'm a huge chevron pattern fan and I'm always looking for ways to work it into my DIYs, so I'm here to share one of those with you today!

Can you believe I found all these supplies at the local craft store for under $6 (with the typical weekly coupon from the iPhone app, of course!)?  The cosmetic bag was on sale in JoAnn's Simplicity: Express Your Style section for $1.98, but any cotton material bag should work!

Also a cheat for a touching up the chevron on a black surface: I used a black Sharpie to clean up a few rough edges. ;)  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

What do you think?  This particular cosmetic bag has a zipper so it's even possible to turn this into an edgy clutch!  Oh, the possibilities...

Over at Simply Evani, I blog about my adventures in baking and food, DIYs like this one, and just about anything else that strikes my fancy!  I'm a Disney enthusiast, social media addict, and newly-bitten victim of the travel bug.  My family is my world and the things that keep me happiest in life are my incredibly patient high school sweetheart Rob and the wonderful connections I make in the blogging world.

Come stop by my blog and chat awhile, my heart does a little dance with each new comment or blogger that visits and I can't wait to meet you!

Thanks again Emily for letting me stop by today! (Isn't she FABULOUS? I simply adore her!)


  1. Evani, this is awesome! ^_^

  2. So cute!!! Great job.


  3. lovely...guess I'm gonna have to make one soon.

  4. New follower! I just pinned this DIY! SO COOL!!!! xoxo A-

  5. Thank you Emily for having me today! :) You rock!


  6. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing, Evani!

  7. So creative and so chic.


  8. So pretty! I definitely want to try a project like this for myself.

  9. Super fun! Love it! It looks much cuter, it's a cute bag but was a little plain now it's poppin!

  10. Such a nice idea and it looks like a lot of fun! :)
    How is the bag now, has the paint rubbed off in any way?

    *Always, Stephanie

  11. I absolutely LOVE this...such a cute DIY

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