20 July 2012

Four Things Friday: letters

1.  Dear photography: I love you and I am excited for what our future together may hold.  I've been editing photos from the past four weddings I've been to thus far in July and I've encountered both frustration and elation.  Cheers to more of both!

Here's a sneak peek and what I've been editing; stay tuned for many, many more images coming soon!  This is Cavannah and Angel; aren't they lovely?!

2.  Dear old job: Good riddance.  I wanted to quit you anyway, so thank you for offering the relief of a way out and, ultimately, making the decision for me so that I didn't have to!

3.  Dear weather: I know that you're much worse (i.e. HOTTER) in other parts of the country, but if you could cool down just a smidge?  We don't have air conditioning and now that I'm home all day, it's just too much to bear!

4.  Dear Mom: I love you so much and you have no idea how much your support and words of consolation mean to me.  It's so wonderful to know that I have somewhere to go if all else fails.

 H a p p y   F r i d a y ,   e v e r y o n e !
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  1. lovely letters! :) and your blog looks so nice! dropping by from the link-up. I'm a new twitter follower too! #tweetandmeet



  2. Your blog looks amazing! I found you through Ashley's link up:) Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that picture! So gorgeous. And good riddance is right! Awful jobs are never worth it.

  4. The photo is amazing! Good attitude about the job {positive} & I feel you on the heat-- hang in there!


  5. Your photography is AMAZING. I secretly (or not so secretly) wish I was vacationing to California so I could have some photos taken. LOVE them.

    &No air is hard. I'm in the same boat :(

  6. Wow, girl-- your photography is beautiful! Will you teach me your ways?! Haha. I want to get more into photograpy, and gorgeous photos like that one are exactly the reason why! So glad to have found your blog! xo

  7. stopping by from friday letters, great picture! I am your newest follower, can't wait to see more of the pics.

  8. I love that photo!! They're a beautiful couple indeed! ... Nothing on earth compares to the love of a mom. My mom is so loyal and such a breath of fresh air when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I can totally relate!
    Found you via Friday's Letters. =)

  9. Such beautiful photography! And I almost wish I could find an out with my job, so I mean blessings come in different disguises! Take care girl :)


  10. Good Luck on your Photography Venture! What Fun!
    Found ya thru the Link Up!
    Great Blog!

  11. EEMMIILLYY!!...Soooo loving this wedding photo...beautiful.
    And I can feel you sooo much on the job situation...I had the same prob when I worked at a non-profit...the feeling of relief when I was FREE...freakin' AMAZEballs!!...so CONGRATS!

    Be Blessed <3

  12. Oh, yay for a new chapter in life! It will be the best thing that ever happened to you, I promise. It's so scary to be out here in the free land with a thousand opportunities to reach for. I'm praying you follow only the best path available to you and reach the highest peaks of success- you are so talented! Get 'em , girl!

  13. I love the picture. Good luck.


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