19 December 2011

handmade // badgers + owls.

Honey Badger mug - corduroy by Jen Ray.
I want EVERYTHING in Jen Ray's Etsy shop, corduroy.  Everything is simply fabulous.  My only complaint about Jen is that she can't clone herself and thus create twice as many amazing, quirky, awesome works of art.

Last week I received my Honey Badger mug in the mail!  It says "look at that sleepy f**k" and I'm obsessed with it.  It's so cute and funny and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  It also makes me feel sufficiently sardonic and bitter in a good way -- like, "get out of my way; I haven't had my coffee yet, bitches."

This is a sturdy, solid, dishwasher-safe ceramic mug --well-made and looks exactly like it does in its listing on Etsy.  I encourage you to scoop up your very own original Jen Ray piece before she discontinues the Honey Badger line in 2012!

Other mail goodies: I decided to buy my mom a photography print from Julie of JPG Photography for Christmas.  My mother has loved owls and collected tchotchkes in their likeness for years, before I was born and thus way before it was cool and trendy to love owls.  Julie's gorgeous barn owl photo series seemed the perfect gift for Mom for Christmas, despite the fact that (a) I already have plenty of gifts for her, and (b) most of those gifts are photo prints already (ones of mine that she's requested)!  Still, I know she'd love it, so I purchased "Whiter Shade of Pale."

"Whiter Shade of Pale" in 8x12" photo print by JPG Photography

I got Julie's envelope in the mail this afternoon, and I. Was. Speechless.  This photo is so stunning in person that I just stared at it for who knows how long -- full minutes, to be sure.  THEN I noticed the AMAZING gift Julie included for me: a print of the equally-breathtaking "You Precious Thing" on metallic finish photo paper.

"You Precious Thing" 8x10" photo print by JPG Photography

Julie totally gets that feeling of surprise and excitement when you realize you've been given a special gift with your order.  She made my otherwise dreary Monday quite a bit brighter.  :)  Thank you, Julie!!

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  1. That mug is hilarious, don't mess with a honey badger in the morning! And you are very welcome on the prints!


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