07 February 2012

decorating my new home.

As I hope you now know, only because I've been blabbing so much about it, I recently moved into a new home (with my boyfriend! Eeek! It's been an adjustment).  Anyway, one of my favorite parts about getting into a new space is the REDECORATING.  Yeah, sure, I end up broke, but I have a lot of fun getting there.  The Etsy fanatic that I've become this past year, of COURSE I've gotten a handful of home decor goodies from the likes of some great Etsy sellers.  Here's just a sampling of what I've either already ordered or have in my Etsy favorites or Pinterest lists for making my new home feel, well, like home.

Switch plate cover
One of my first orders of business when we moved in was to eliminate the presence of old switch plate covers; I don't know why anyone would settle for those ugly plastic covers when they can snatch something like this gem from Atelier Yumi.  I have also become a fan of Turn Me On Art and Funky Chicken Design.

Okay, okay -- so light switch covers don't impress you (in which case, shame on you -- you should know that the little details can make a big difference!).  How about wall decor?

When we first started talking about moving in together, I asked my boyfriend if we could hang my photographs on our walls.  I will still add a few of my own creations to our currently-blank space, but I've also found that I get tired of looking at my own images (since I'm already looking at them all the time as part of my Etsy business).  So I'm rotating in a few of my favorites from OTHER talented Etsy photographers like Slight Clutter, JPG Photography, You Anchor Me, SSC Photography... the list goes on and on.

Katya Horner of Slight Clutter photographs trees like nobody's business.

Still life vintage tea cups from Amelia Kay Photography

I have this gorgeous image from SSC Photography by Shannon Clark!

We already know how much I adore Julie Parker Garza's owl photography!

And I'm sorry, but I have to give a shout-out to these lovelies; I haven't decided what I want to do with them yet which is my ONLY reason for holding back on purchase... I will say they've been quite popular on Tophatter auctions!

wall mount knobs from The Door Stop

Side note, and not from Etsy: I'm also in love with these curtain pull-backs from Urban Outfitters:

Door knob curtain tie back from Urban Outfitters

I also scored myself an antique mason jar soap dispenser from The Country Barrel -- so very cool and retro but still in pristine condition.  Highly recommended.  They also sell solar-powered outdoor lamps made out of the same jars!  A future fixture on my patio, to be sure.

Century-old mason jars with zinc lids as soap dispensers!  Mega score.

I'm also pretty smitten with my new felt rosette stems, courtesy of Cole Franke of handmade colectibles (not a typo -- that's how Cole's shop name is spelled!).  I got a rad custom assortment of colors that I'm splitting between the bedroom and the bathroom (thanks Cole!!).

Rosette blooms from handmade colectibles

More to come.  I am WAY too obsessed with home decor for this to be the end.  Looking for more?  Check out my boards on Pinterest for more of my favorites.


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for including my "Breaking Through" photo! And, how much do I love that owl!!! So many wonderful finds. Speaking of which, I'm glad to have found your blog. I love, love, love you work, and this is just bonus!

    Will post to my facebook page shortly. :)

    1. Thanks Katya! So glad you stopped by!! :)


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