28 December 2012

life // lately...

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday week!  And we're not through yet... New Year's Eve is just a few days away.

There are so many posts I want to write, like, NOW, for instance "Top 13 of 2013" (i.e. my list of resolutions) and tons of wedding-related posts for those newly-engaged among us (and soon-to-be newly engaged on New Year's!).

For now, here are some "life lately" updates...

Yesterday, I got to meet Sandy in person (hooray!) and photographed her extended family in celebration of Austin's first birthday.  I'll be seeing her again this afternoon to do a more intimate family shoot (just Sandy, Marvin, and Austin) at a park, and tomorrow I've got a "trash the dress" session with these two lovebirds.

I think the rest of my week can be well-summed up via Instagram... did you expect anything different from me?  ;)

1. Emerald green "Emilie" polish with "Mila" as my glittery accent nail (both Julep).
2. Merry Christmas!
3. Christmas jammies.
4. More emerald, this time in knit gloves...

5. Shadows in my driveway.
6. Reminds me of this meme.
7. My three-year-old cousin Rowan opening her Christmas gifts.
8. The aftermath on Christmas morning.

9. My new Kate Spade iPhone case #giftingmyself
10. Ruby slippers manicure: Chancer by butter LONDON.
11. Move over, Christmas -- it's St. Valentine's turn.
12. J.Crew post-holiday sales! 

How was your holiday?  Any exciting plans for New Year's?  

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend (last one of 2012!).


  1. I love your green nails too...you've inspired me to repaint mine :) Looks like you had a great Christmas :)

  2. i just looked at the newly weds's post, and i was like, "i gotz to show the boyf". my boyfriend graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and was talking about this venue and showed me around it one Sunday morning. Super awesome!

  3. I need some gloves like that! Baby, it's cooooold outside!!

  4. Love these. You have the best nail polish!!!


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