04 October 2012

random // first world problems.

Have you guys seen this meme?  It's called "first-world problems."  It cracks me up every time because I can really relate to it.  And it makes me feel guilty as hell.  But I think many of you might also relate, no?

My friend Candace and I were laughing about this last weekend; we were complaining about something really mundane and ridiculous (I don't even remember how it started) and I muttered, "oh, our first-world problems."  She couldn't stop laughing and we continued to come up with a variety of other "first-world problems" that we cite on an almost-daily basis despite knowing how damned lucky we are to live in the United States.

This is one of my favorite ways to give myself a reality check and put some of my "problems" into perspective and get a giggle at the same time.  Funny-because-it's-true laughter.

What are your "first-world" problems?  Don't be shy.  We're all (first-world) friends here.


  1. These ones are my fave! :)





    Thanks for sharing! :)

    - Gia http://www.lovelyserendipity.com

  2. Ha hahaaa this made me laugh and feel guilty all at the same time. We have just had a summer of 'first world problems' all related to our kitchen extension building work....I would moan, moan, moan every single night about the inconvenience of having to wash-up dishes in the bath, cook in the dining room on a hot plate etc etc...and my husband would shake his head at me and say "first world problems"....shut me up every single time!!!

  3. These are funny! What irritates me is when people complain about "first world problems" in real life and seriously too. One of my classmates in cosmetology school complained the entire day yesterday about the assignment that we were all given to do...he told the teacher that she better consider him a "saint" for wrapping a perm...and he was serious. The entire time he was wrapping the perm he was swearing and complaining....and I just feel like, boy, you don't even know what real life is like, do you?

  4. Bought a new coffee cup... spilled super sugary, creamy, overpriced coffee on my new shirt. LMAO!

    Link-up at http://www.theopinionatedgirl.com/2012/10/blog-hop-lets-grow.html!

  5. oh no! the water one got b/c IO don't really like water ... so sad. I did however ban my husband from water the yard b/c I know that water is pecious why waste it on grass ... lol ... right?

  6. I became blatantly aware of the 'first world problem' phenomenon while living in Africa - a friend would complain about something little and in my head I'm thinking "Uh I've had no running water for 2 days and I can't flush the toilets." It doesn't take long to change back though - I'm certain I'm complaining a whole lot about things I would have been happy about only a few months ago!

  7. Lol I constantly tweet my first world problems. They usually involve staying up late and having to get up early for work. Lollll

  8. I LOVE "first world problems" memes! I just found your blog through the GFC Blog Hop, and I think it's meant to be that I'm a follower--this post is PERFECT!

    Haha my favorite is when people complain about delays on planes. Oh, you had a 30-minute delay? Then what? Did you fly through the air?! Did you travel 3,000 miles in an afternoon?! Geez... :)

    Anyway, I'm super excited to read more from you! And I'd love if you followed back! You can find my blog at:
    What's in a Name?

  9. 1st world probs memes are SO funny. but seriously points out how pathetic we are ahah.

  10. those are so silly! following ya now and hope you stop by sometime.

  11. It is a great meme! My husband and I traveled around South America for five months earlier this year and we often found ourselves saying "First World Problems" to each other when one of us would complain about something stupid. That trip definitely made us realize how fortunate we are!

  12. hahahahahaha the first is TOTALLY me! I get SO upset when there is nothing to drink at the house and my husband is always telling me how much FRESH water there is. hahaha. I'm actually fasting everything EXCEPT water for this election (something our church is doing) so I'm forced to drink it...maybe by the end I'll like it. ha. by the way, newest follower! found your blog from the giveaway over on Chelsea's blog at Yours Truly....I'm on package 6 so come check it out! :)


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