10 October 2012

life // Wednesday update.

I feel so far behind pretty much everything I should be doing right now!  I moved over the weekend and am now officially a resident of Ventura County.  It's a relief to have the moving of possessions over with, and I'm gradually putting everything away in its rightful place in my new (again) home, but everything else feels like it's suffering: e-mail, blogging, Lightroom, photography promo, blog redesign ideas, etc.  So I'm trying to play catch-up today... sort of...

This morning I got up at 10:30 a.m. (I know, I'm a bum, but I was at a five-hour seminar yesterday and didn't get to bed until 1:30 a.m. ...) and went to Starbucks and then wandered Anthropologie for about an hour.  I know, not exactly productive, but, um, HELLO!  It's Anthropologie!  It's my happy place.

Now I'm home for another 4 minutes before I am off to meet my mama for lunch at her office.  Gah!  I have a custom order to work on (due yesterday), some orders to place and ship out, e-mails to catch up on, and various random tasks associated with moving (changing my mailing address with the post office and all my credit cards and bank, cancelling my Hulu Plus account at my old place -- stuff like that).  Not to mention I have about 100 things from Sal Cincotta's seminar yesterday that I am super excited to implement with Anna Delores.

Why aren't there 40 hours in a day?  And I'm able to operate on two hours of sleep?

And I'm a crazy-productive lady who won't rest til she's all caught up?

Oh yeah, because I'd lose my mind...

I leave you with this oh-so-appropriate thought from Jess Lively's "wish I knew Wednesday" insights (which I so love to receive in my inbox! Always uncannily relevant!):

"In an online world filled with pretty lookbooks, products, workshops, and blog features it feels like self-employment is a golden land of glitter and coffee shop meetings.  But the truth is that self-employment, as many of you who already have businesses know, is difficult, hard, and yes, totally worth it in the end."

I promise to play catch-up with you guys soon, too -- really, I swear!


  1. I'm glad you love the WIKW and enjoyed that comment about self-employment being glittery!

    1. Heck yeah, girl! Always eerily-relevant-to-me topics in WIKW! :)

  2. I love that cupboard of red mugs and plates and everything! :)


  3. So glad you took some time to yourself and enjoyed anthropologie. I love that store though rarely get to go since the closest one is an hour away. :) Hope you get caught up soon.

  4. I've never actually been in an Anthropologie but how cool is it that they have their products set up like an actual house sorta deal? So cool! Also, LOVE that self-employed quote. So so perfect.

  5. Anthropologie may not be productive, but it is totally a pick me up! All of their styling (and candles burning!) make for a really wonderful atmosphere.

  6. Dear Emily,
    I am a new follower from thursdays link and mingle. I hope you find time to catch up. In one sense I envy you because you decide how your day goes and what you wear (I have a uniform to wear at work). On the other hand, I know how difficult it must be to find work and keep it and be productive. Too bad there's not a job with the best of both worlds. Hah! I'm a photographer too but not professional or paid. You can check my photos out at Esther Norine Designs

  7. LOVE your blog! Newest follower here!

  8. SO been there before girl- it's nice being busy and loving what you do, but it does get super tiring after a while. Make sure to get a few fun filled nights in between the chaos :)


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