03 October 2012

life // week in review (and catch-up!) with Instagram.

Friends!  My sincerest and most profound apologies for my absence this week.  It's been a hectic few days and unfortunately, when that happens, the Anna Delores blog sometimes suffers.

But I'm here to catch you up on my week's adventures with my Instagram feed (plus a couple of sneak-peek images of the weddings I photographed this weekend!).

So here. we. go.

1. Girl crush: Emma Stone.
2. My cousin cooks the most delicious dinners!
3. The magic of Mehndi (Mili's wedding prep).
4. Craziest diffuser ever! Looked like a Frankenstein hand.
5. I scored some Mehndi myself at the reception!
6. Goodies from Jigsaw London.
 7. I forget how lucky I am to live in California ... Ventura sunrise.
8.  Bangs be gettin' too long!
9. Tiber Canyon Ranch (wedding #2 of the weekend).
10. The bride and her besties.
 11.Post-wedding recovery breakfast.
12. Much-needed alcohol after a rough Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I don't think the next couple of weeks are going to be much calmer for me.  I'm moving on Saturday and still don't have a truck rented or enough helping hands to assist, and we all know that once everything is moved, you THEN have to go about the business of unpacking and getting organized.  I have another photo shoot on Sunday (for an AWESOME couple whose wedding I'm photographing in November!) plus the images of the two weddings from this past weekend to edit, all while trying to settle into a new space and establish a productive routine.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.

For the record, I'm not trying to sound like I'm complaining.  All weekend, I felt like I was living the dream: doing something I really, truly love.  So, I still consider myself very lucky and I see big things in my future.  It's just a little bit a hectic rough patch for me this fall.

That said, check out one of the two amazing weddings I got to photograph this weekend!  They were so different from each other and so stunning in their own ways.  Stay tuned for more on the Anna Delores photoblog

Til next time...



  1. Those are some amazing pictures! Have fun with what you'll be doing! :)


  2. BEAUTIFUL wedding photos girlfriend! I'm so happy you're living your dream!

  3. Such gorgeous pics! And I am also overwhelmed busy. It is good....but hard :).

  4. Cute pictures! You've had a very busy week.

  5. These are all really pretty photos! :D



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