19 October 2012

life // what a week!

I'm waiting for things to calm down for me.  I love being busy, but after a certain point, there is such a thing as having too much to do.  I feel like I've been using that excuse for months now.  I don't like to use it; I don't like feeling like I have to explain why I'm neglecting particular responsibilities or parts of my life.

But it's all I have by way of explanation.  Sometimes I think I should just put the blog on hold because it just adds to the seemingly never-ending list of "to dos" that I have in my head.  But I love to blog!  I love my blogger friends and (yes) even social media outlets (most of the time).  And I consider it part of my "brand" or online "identity," however you want to qualify it.  It gives me a place to chat, or whine (as is the case today), feature topics I'm interested in, talk about photography AND about other topics (versus just photography when it comes to my photoblog), and do stuff like play dress-up, share ideas, and network with like-minded bloggers and small business owners across the country (and around the world). 

So, while I may disappear for a few days like I did this week, rest assured I'll be back.

This week, I churned out a Monday blog post and then took the day off from my blog on Tuesday, confident that the rest of my week spent dog-sitting for a friend would yield lots of free time to catch up and even schedule some future blog posts.

Which it did.  But my friend's laptop, which is the only computer in the house, is fickle, to say the least.  I was online for about five minutes, during which my blog was barely able to load, and then the laptop shut itself off with all kinds of error messages I didn't understand.  My friend did warn me before I dropped them at the airport that her computer would probably give me trouble.

Sophie and Dodger, the sweet peas I'm hanging out with through Sunday.

I am now writing this post from another friend's laptop, which I've been able to borrow for the rest of my dog-sitting stint so I can catch up on, well, everything!  :)

So here are some highlights from my week (prepare to be riveted):

  • I used the word "tumultuous" in conversation, and yes, I used it correctly.

  • I met my friend Jenn for breakfast at No Ka Oi in Huntington Beach, one of my all-time favorite breakfast joints.  I haven't been in awhile since I haven't lived in Huntington for over two years now.

  • I rediscovered my love affair with Boudin Bakery, which is another Orange County exclusive in Southern California (they have Boudin locations in San Francisco too, but that doesn't help me much in Ventura County).

  • I switched to adult gummy multi-vitamins.  I wish I could've found chewable ones, though, like the Flintstones ones for kids.

  • I gave myself an at-home facial, complete with Biore pore strips and a pomegranate peel-off mask.  My cousin wasn't having the best day, so to cheer her up I sent her a photo of myself with Biore strips on my face.  It made her laugh.  Mission accomplished.

  • I also hit up Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa for breakfast, another all-time favorite, but was disappointed to find they no longer have cornmeal pancakes on their menu.  They were like cornbread pancakes.  The best. EVER.

I hope you knew I was kidding when I said "prepare to be riveted."  :)  Now that you guys know what's going on with me, I'm off to prep blog posts for the rest of the month!  Super excited.  Be on the lookout for a blog makeover before November, too!  Because, ya know, I don't have enough to do (sarcasm is my specialty).

P.S. check out some awesome giveaway goodies from yours truly and other rad bloggers over at KV's Confessions this week!


  1. Gypsy den? That sounds way too fun! As a gypsy myself, I'll have to put that on my bucket list!

  2. You are busy because so many great things are happening to you! :) Don't worry, your loyal blog readers will be here regardless!


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