13 October 2012

life // letter to Evani.

I just posted a comment on a dear friend's blog and wanted to share it here with you guys.  It describes the pep talk I give myself almost daily lately, so I thought it appropriate.  And show your love to Evani, too!

To Evani (a comment on this post):

Love, we’ve all been there. From someone older (as old as you’ll be when you’ve got that first kiddo!), who just moved back in with her parents to pursue a new career (photography) in a field completely unrelated to her college degree (sociology) and her work experience the past six years (higher education), it ALL. WORKS. OUT. 

It is definitely frustrating when all your ideas are contradicting each other. You just gotta feel it out and do what feels right. A favorite quote of mine just popped into my head thinking of you: “Your journey is unfolding exactly as it should be.” Enjoy it. Easy for me to say — I’m not particularly good at doing this myself (but I DO have that quote pinned above my desk in an effort to try harder!). 

You’re amazing. You’re a rock star. Nothing you’ve done up to this point will ever be wasted, as it’s led you to the place you are now. And the experiences you have now will lead you to the person you will continue to evolve into, ever-changing, for the rest of your life. 

Point is, try to enjoy these options (I know you do!) and embrace whatever feels good, even if it’s grad school PLUS event planning at once! Who says you can’t? Unless you’ll totally stress yourself to death. 

Let me know next time you’re down south and we’ll rendezvous again! I want to hear more about your quarter-life meditations. XOXO and hang in there! You’re a freakin’ awesome lady and whatever you decide will be good and right.


  1. This was said so perfectly. I love it! Did anyone ever tell you that you give great advice?

  2. Thank you this! I really needed that boost!! I think ms Evani and I are in the same boat... Finding the career that we passionate about.

    Thanks for inspiring :)
    xo rima

  3. Good words to live by, for sure!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Eat Cake

  4. Such kind and wise words. "It all works out" is pretty much my life motto. Loved this post and Evani is really sweet and lucky to have you as a friend :).

  5. Lovely.


  6. What wonderful advice. It feels like you're speaking to me. I'm so glad Evani led me to you. Good luck with your dream. I hope they all come true.

  7. Great advice! I'm bookmarking this post so when I need a pep talk I can come back here and read it :)

  8. This is such a BELATED Thank you but THANK YOU :) You are seriously such a sweet blogger friend, I couldn't ask for better advice! Thanks love <3


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