18 December 2012

life // week in review: instagram

Greetings, friends!  I am still playing some serious catch-up; I have so many good ideas and topics in the works for blogging, but between last week's wedding, a photo shoot (and sugar high) with this pretty lady, and general holiday festivities, I've been napping every spare moment I can get.

So, I'm working to flesh out all those good ideas I mentioned.  In the meantime, here's some Instagram excitement for ya.  ;)

1. Photo shoot with baby Poppy.
2. Blurry Christmas tree at the mall.
3. Photo Combine Christmas app (with a lovely fireplace!)
4. Post-rain clouds in California.
5. Our living room: Christmas threw up in there.
6. Lovely, lovely bride on 12/12/12
7. Lunch with Joelle at El Rey Cantina, Camarillo.
8. I got a little excited over Julep's sale...
9. Good morning. On a walk.
10. Peppermint macarons.
11. Joelle & Olive Duff!
12. "Christmas tree" in my neighborhood.


  1. Everything look so yummy and cozy

  2. Yay! I'm seriously happy that I'm involved in so many of these photos ;) Happy Tuesday my dear! xoxo

  3. If Christmas is going to throw up somewhere, I guess the living room is as good a place as any? ;)

  4. I love your neighborhood's Christmas tree. That's pretty awesome. :) See, I'm so used to having snow (or it just being cold), that the green grass and blue skies during Christmas are unfamiliar to me, haha. And I completely understand about Christmas "throwing up." It did the same thing in my living room--I was trying to sew ornaments at the last minute last night and hot glue things and, well, stuff was EVERYWHERE. I also managed to superglue myself to some magnets. ... don't ask.

  5. The bride is so beautiful... and oh my, peppermint macaroons?! I'm drooling! =P


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