26 October 2011

handmade // photography jewelry

I've been lusting after photo pendants for months and even bought supplies to make my own (as I do some dabbling in jewelry-making), but my perfectionism dismissed the ones I made myself as amateur and I sold them as imperfect "sale" items on my jewelry shop on Etsy.  Instead, I took inspiration from an interview on Handmadeology with a top-selling Etsy photographer who mentioned she collaborates with another Etsy seller to make her photo jewelry.

So, I contacted one of my favorite jewelry sellers on Etsy, BeautySpot, to see if they'd be interested in helping me create some photo jewelry I'd be proud to peddle.  Lucky for me, they agreed, and the sample images they've sent me are JUST what I had in mind! Thank you, Polina!!
I'm also looking forward to collaborating with Heartworks by Lori after the holiday rush has died down; she is super sweet and has some really beautiful pieces!



  1. Lovely!


  2. They're really beautiful pictures!


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