14 March 2013

life // Seattle recap.

Hi friends!  I'm just off the plane from my recent rendezvous with the lovely city of Seattle.  Here's a quickie recap via (what else?) Instagram!

1. view from the Athenian Restaurant at Pike Place Market in Seattle
2. dinner and a glass of wine at Phoenicia, Alki Beach, West Seattle
3. let the record show: I was the first to give Chase a camera!
4. a girl's gotta nap.  after all, what are vacations for?  

5. best bar EVER: 9 Million in Unmarked Bills (yes, that's the real name of the bar!)
6. none other than the famous (infamous?) Pike Place district, Seattle, Washington
7. oh, good morning!  coffee, donut, and then a sexy boudoir session.  happy Monday!
8. we saw a couple of reggae bands at Nectar in the Fremont district

I know we're already at Thursday, but how was your weekend?  :)


  1. Ooh I would love to visit Seattle some day, looks gorgeous! Are you still there? If so, enjoy!

  2. we're going there for 2 weeks in August! i will keep some of these spots in mind :)

  3. oooh im visiting in september!
    travelling down the west coast with my bf and we'll be going there first! :D
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  4. Oooh, looks like a lot of fun! I'd love to see Seattle some day, I'll have to remember that bar! ;) xxx Danny (formerly Maximonstertje)

  5. love alki so much its beautiful.

  6. great pics! love the little one using the camera

  7. Ah, I love Seattle. Great shot of the market!



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