28 June 2013

life lately // studio progress

I've been quiet about our studio around here, but it is NOT for lack of progress!  We are almost at 100% and have even started holding client meetings there -- it's SO exciting, and a little surreal.

Here are some more glimpses of the studio space (via Instagram, of course).  :)

1. our sweet little washroom (I like to call it a washroom instead of a "bathroom" because I think it sounds fancier)
2. joelle's calligraphy for a quick in-studio photo shoot we did a couple weeks ago
3. amy's pre-wedding prep (i.e. huge flower delivery).  sharing a space with a florist is great fun!
4. leo is our resident carpenter and has built about half of our furniture: coffee table, cabinets, and community table!
5. snippets of our small private office space within the larger studio.
6. the "lounge" area, where I've held all my client meetings thus far.  I love it all.

And check out this rad little video tour that Joelle took of our studio!  I was skeptical about video on Instagram, but I will admit that it's a bit easier than switching over to Vine to post and view videos.  :)


  1. So beautiful! I love your different patterned rugs, and the little coffee/cookies stand. Completely charming. Hire me now please. :)

  2. Yay, can't wait to see everything all finished!


  3. IT is coming along really well!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Don't forget about the switch to BlogLovin!

  4. LOVE the office! :) So exciting!

  5. I love sharing a studio with you :) xoxo


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