03 June 2013

mani monday // nautical navy

I'm a little obsessed with the nautical-inspired fashion and colors that emerge in the approach of Independence Day every year.  Julep's June Maven box, with their "Nantucket Nostalgia" theme, hit the nail on the head with this one! 

I mean, they even included salt water taffy!  Yes.  And please.

I went back and forth on which color I wanted to try first (I know, first world problems).  I felt like trying a dark color, and I'm pretty much ALWAYS on board with anything navy blue, so I opted for Char.

And there was a big red bow ring I was eyeing at Old Navy yesterday that I think will totally complete this manicure.  So I'm off to buy it before I meet the lovely Alyssa Armstrong for coffee.

Mani Monday

Remember to link up with me and Heather (her Hello Kitty mani this week is the CUTEST!).


  1. I totally dig the nautical theme: especially the taffy! I think I'm about to pull out some navy blue polish now: you've inspired me.

  2. I skipped this month, but I LOVE navy and you're rockin it! Yummy salt water taffy!


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