25 June 2013

mani monday // on a tuesday.

As most of you know (or at least have guessed), blogging has been sort of on the back-burner for me.  Which means I forgot which day of the week it was yesterday, and I failed to schedule this li'l post about my peachy manicure in time for Mani Monday.

Better late than never?

And this is also a terrible photo.  AND, while I was searching for the bottle of color so I could tell you the name of it, I spilled OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark all over my floor.  This is the second bottle of LPAD that has broken on my bedroom floor.  It's a good thing the flooring is old, crappy, faux tile.  *Sigh*

Anyway.  This little chica is Clara from Julep.  I am a HUGE fan of peach lately.  Without realizing it, I went for peach when it came time to design my logo for this blog and my photography business.  And I just LOVE it.  Pairing it with gray just feels right for my brand. 

I also love peach paired with pretty much any other color for weddings.  Navy and peach is my ultimate favorite color combo at the moment.

Go visit Heather and check out the other manicures linked up for Mani Monday!  Who actually followed instructions and posted on a Monday.  :)


  1. Love this color, it's perfect for summer!


  2. Love the peach mani! One of my favorite nail colors too :)

  3. Ok, so two of the same color have broken on your floor?!? Omg, no offense, but that's hilarious. I don't know if I'd replace it at this point! I bought a peachy color from Julep- you reminded me, I need to find it! :) Hope all is well!

  4. I love a good peach. Gave julep a try for a bit. loved the quality. Found you via the mani monday link up! ;)


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