23 November 2011

handmade // j.danger jewelry

In July 2011 I went to my first-ever "peddlers' market" in Costa Mesa, CA.  I brought along all my photography in hopes someone would purchase a print or two, but this crowd was much more interested in yard sale-esque fare.  Which was fine, because I brought some of that, too.  I'd even purchased a clothes rack for the t-shirts and dresses I'd brought to sell from my closet; unfortunately, said clothes rack was a piece of crap and kept falling over.  Luckily for me, my next-door vendor neighbor was so sweet and helpful and did her best to keep my clothes off the dirty parking lot asphalt.

The lovely Ms. Danger!
That neighbor turned out to be the one-and-only Jessica Danger, and we ended up swapping clothes (mine) for handmade jewelry (hers) before the day was done.  Nearly six months later, the lovely JDanger and I are great Etsy/Facebook/random street fair buddies!

Did I mention the handmade jewelry?  Jess is an amazing craftswoman (how she balances her jewelry-making with three kiddos, a hubby, AND a day job, I can't figure out!).

"What first got me going with custom designs was actually finding a slew of discarded tattoo artist business cards that had been thrown out. I thought NO WAY can these go in the trash. So I took them home with me and just kind of sat on it for a red hot minute. Then I started placing them in settings and my custom designs started. I get a kick out of vintage stuff too! I could spend hours dismantling old costume jewelry and vintage pieces. I love incorporating them into a new design!"

Vibrant green & black feather earrings
And I love seeing what she creates with it!  My own collection now includes incredible feather dangle earrings and a long, one-of-a-kind AWESOME crimson pendant necklace, courtesy of JDanger designs!

"I really like jewelry that moves ... longer earrings flow and move with the person that is wearing them, and bracelets can make that pretty clinking sound when you're telling a story. Sometimes, I will hear my necklace bouncing and moving when I walk and I think, how awesome is that?!"

Pretty awesome!  Even more fun?  Jess's work is totally off-the-cuff: "each time I make something, I am never really quite sure what it will look like until I am done with. I kind of just GO and see where it takes me..."

Hand-patina brass earrings
And remember that stuff about kids and a job I mentioned?! "Sadly, I have no definite workspace!  I USED to have a workspace, then our oldest son got a computer and he needed a desk ... there went my workspace!"  Jess laments.  "What I do now is keep everything in baskets and haul it out every time I get a little stir-crazy! It seems like it would be a bad set-up, but actually its like a new surprise every time I take the baskets out! Surprise!! Surprise!!!"

Be sure you pop by Jessica's shop for the holidays; her stuff is truly one-of-a-kind and she'll love you forever!  "I always try to include a special little something for all my customers. I never know what it is until they order ... I try to keep it unique and somewhat catered to their tastes. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS include a hand made thank you card! My customers are THE BEST and I LOVE THEM TO PIECES and I want them to know that! My most 'giftable' item right now is definitely my feather earrings! Feathers are not going anywhere anytime soon, and we all know that those puppies look great on everyone! Don't forget--you can custom order those, too!"

All of this and a GIVEAWAY too!  Jess is graciously offering WINNER'S CHOICE of bauble from her shop (up to $20 value) so find your favorite and leave a comment to let me know which one you covet!  Be sure to add Jess's shop to your faves on Etsy and let the games begin!

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, November 30, so make sure you enter ASAP!


  1. Hey Jessica, next time I'll bring you a beer too!

  2. I like the Hand Painted Brass Earrings
    lusizova at gmail.com

  3. Thanks Zuma! Don't forget the Popsicle!


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