29 November 2011

some brief thoughts on photography.

"Vintage Rome" was photographed in 2009
So. I did some numbers on my photography and my two most popular prints are images I photographed before I got my big, pretty, shiny camera last year.

My initial reaction to this was one of disappointment at first, as though my decision to get more serious about photography was irrelevant and didn't really make a difference or improve my work as I'd hoped it would.

I actually focused more on the post-new-camera prints I was selling to try to make myself feel better (my 2011 typewriter series has been a solid best-seller) ... until I realized that the popularity of pre-2011 images could also be interpreted as evidence of creative talent I possess independent of fancy equipment.

I like explanation number two a bit better. :)

Separate notes:
  1. I have been sick since Thanksgiving so my faculties are weak and I'm behind on blog posts.  I'll do my best to get back up and running again by Wednesday at the latest. 
  2. This marks my 50th blog post.  Happy milestone to me!
I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. xoxo

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