08 November 2011

salted caramel & pumpkin pie.

So it's autumn, which means the BEST seasonal goodies are now available all over the place: Starbucks, for example, has the most amazing salted caramel hot chocolate (and this year they've spawned Frappuccino and hot mocha cousins).  

The lovely and amazing, albeit overpriced, Urth Caffe in downtown Los Angeles (also with locations in WeHo and Beverly Hills) has the very best pumpkin pie I've ever had, hands-down. I don't know WHAT they put in that crust, but it's marvelous.  There are no words to describe.  If you live in Los Angeles, you're really depriving yourself if you don't go to Urth RIGHT NOW and buy yourself a slice.  It also comes with its own cup full of whipped cream. 

We may not get the seasons here in Los Angeles, but at least we get to enjoy the treats.  :)

In other news, I'm playing with Anna Delores Photography and trying to make it both more holiday- and SEO-friendly.  This means I've retitled some of my Etsy shop sections phrases like "Pictures of Paris" and "Fine Art Los Angeles," which lacks considerably creativity, in my opinion.  The things we do to get noticed, eh?  What do y'all think?

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