07 March 2012

jewelry holder DIY

I am honored and excited to host Miss Julie as a guest blogger here at Anna Delores.  She was generous enough to share her DIY tutorial on this super-rad jewelry holder -- I got my own necklaces tangled this morning as I was getting ready for work, so this how-to couldn't come at a better time!  ;)  You can also check out Julie's blog for more DIY ideas, including her latest post on an at-home steam facial.  Enjoy!  

Hey guys! I'm Julie, and I blog over at Julie Ann Art, where I aim to inspire a creative lifestyle! I'm so happy to share my Jewelry Holder Tutorial today!

I've gotten into the habit of collecting old picture frames from thrift stores and estate sales and I never know what to do with them. On top of that, my current jewelry storage situation is, simply put, a hot mess. Then I realized a picture frame jewelry holder would be the perfect way to keep my necklaces untangled!

What you'll need:
Picture Frame
Screen or Hardware "Mesh"
Wire Cutters
Staple Gun
S-Hooks (if you want to hang necklaces)

Using the wire cutters, trim the hardware mesh to the size of the inside of the frame. Even though I knew the size of the frame, I measured the backside just to be sure!

Starting in a corner of the frame, use a staple gun to secure the mesh to the frame. Slowly work your way around the entire frame.

And it's really as simple as that! This is a perfect way for jewelry makers to display their work at a craft show! You can also use a piece of fabric covered foam core board instead of the mesh, if you want to add a splash of color. Personally, I LOVE the grid look against the pretty frame. Enjoy! And come say "hi" over here!

Julie Ann

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