16 March 2012

photography // in good company.

My super-rad Los Angeles-based Etsy photographer friend Myan Soffia was recently featured on Dianna Agron's blog, You, Me & Charlie (I am patiently awaiting my own feature there, too!).  Anyway, Myan shared an image of her workspace and was lovely enough to give a shout out to the photographers whose prints decorate her office wall!  I'm proud to have "The Cellist" on display in Myan's home, and with other notables like Irene Suchocki, Lola's Room, and Susannah Tucker nearby, I'd say I'm in pretty good company.

1 comment:

  1. love this emily! thanks for the shout out for my shout out! :)
    that's so awesome you are going to be featured too! looking forward to seeing it!! :D
    xx myan


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