10 March 2012

Self portraits.

I've stumbled across some photographers whose self portraits I simply adore.  They've inspired me to get out from behind the camera and snap some images of myself in the very near future.  The only "self portrait" I've taken (at least in the "fine art" sense) is this one:

"Dorothy" red shoes photograph (those are my feet!)

I photographed my feet in my red flats on a whim during a shoot in Los Angeles.  I didn't know if the print would sell or not -- it's turned out to be one of my more popular images!  Who knew?

Here are some of my favorite self portraits I've encountered:

"Closer" by Violet Bella Photography (ALL of Laura's portraits are stunning!)

I love this one of Myan Soffia; it's not in her shop so I stole from her FB. :)

"The Girl With the Apple" self portrait by Violet D'Art

No list of self portraits is complete without Elle Moss: "Secret"

"Embrace" by MyMonography

Another self portrait of feet.  :)  By Leigh Viner.

I also just realized that I HAVE taken a self-portrait before -- I was traveling alone and wanted to document my time in Stockholm (it was also right around the time that having a pensive photo as your Facebook profile pic was super-cool):

Self portrait: August 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden

Still, it's not nearly as artsy and awesome as the others I've spotlighted above; I have a lot more self-portrait experimenting I want to do!  Stay tuned.


P.S. more self portraiture here.


  1. Thank you so much Emily!!

    Really looking forward to your self portraits :)

    Have a creative weekend!

    Leigh xo

  2. thanks so much emily! i am honored to be featured here with all of you lovely ladies! love your selfie, wish i could take one ineurope! how coolis that?! :) xx myan

  3. Great! Lovely, Awesome blog by the way.=D


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