20 May 2013

mani monday // au naturel

Once in awhile, you just gotta go bare.

au na·tu·rel (adjective \ˌō-ˌna-tə-ˈrel, -ˌna-chə-\)
     a : being in natural style or condition
     b : nude

This week, I just left 'em naked.  I did some first aid on my cuticles and tried to wear those aloe-infused gloves with cuticle oil and hand cream as often as I could (i.e., whenever I remembered to slather on some lotion before bed).  

My favorite tools for natural mani maintenance?  So glad you asked!

1. cuticle pusher
2. cuticle nippers
3. nail buffer block
4. moisturizing gloves
5. cuticle oil
6. nail file

What did YOU wear this week?  Link up below!


  1. Now you're talking!! This is how my nails almost always look. :)


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