17 May 2013

photography // father-daughter first look

I photographed a wedding last month, during which the bride requested doing a first look with her dad before the ceremony.  Best. Idea. Ever.

She also did a first look with her groom, which was also very sweet, but I think you'll agree that these first look photos between father and daughter are pretty tough to beat...

Why do a "first look"?  Check out this blog post I wrote in January.

Want more lovely "first look" images?  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them!

And, of course, more images from this wedding at Murrieta Equestrian Center coming soon!  Many thanks and much love to Alyssa and Andrea for joining me and being awesome second and third shooters.


  1. that first photo, the look on his face... priceless and precious!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. what a beautiful idea! It actually brought tears to my eyes-- just gorgeous

  3. Oh Emily, that first photo just brings tears to my eyes! I love it so much! I lost my dad years ago and he never got the chance to get a 'first look', but this is exactly how I always pictured it. Thank you <3

  4. Man, that almost made me cry. So sweet!

  5. Seriously gorgeous. Look at that proud papa!

  6. i think this is a brilliant idea...


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