02 May 2013

photography // mini-session with Joelle

You guys know Joelle, right?  She blogs over at Something Charming.  And she is the fabulous wedding stylist and coordinator of A Charming Occasion.

Because Joelle and I live within a half hour's drive of each other (and will very soon be sharing a studio space), we like to get together and take photos.  And then get lunch, or coffee, or margaritas.  Oh, the perks of self-employment.

In celebration of Joelle's new bangs (and the cutest blazer ever), we met at the Camarillo Library and snapped some shots before heading to lunch with Amy.  You can also see some of these photos over at Joelle's blog.  Enjoy!

I mean, come on, Joelle's the cutest!  I always have fun taking photos with Joelle (in part because lunch that follows pretty much always involves a glass of wine or, as mentioned above, margaritas).  Love you, lady!


  1. very cute outfit! i love blazers to dress up a casual outfit.

  2. These pictures make me smile. Thanks Emily! xo

  3. Yes to margaritas! But, in about 5 months. Sigh...
    New bangs = great reason to celebrate. She looks amazing!


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