01 May 2013

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Before getting into the wedding industry, I don't think it would have ever occurred to me to rent linens for a wedding.  I mean, what's wrong with the plain ivory tablecloths and napkins provided by the venue?  I have since learned the error of my ways.

Linens can make an incredible impact on the overall look of your wedding.  The ability to rent (or buy) linens is certainly subject to budget considerations, but since becoming a wedding photographer (and following Joelle Duff, coordinator extraordinaire, to La Tavola Linens), I've learned just how important linen choice can be.

Case in point: Joelle rented linens from La Tavola for our Kate Spade-inspired shoot back in February.  Having this striped linen for the table scape and the emerald sequined prettiness below for our cake table (and bouquet backdrop!) made an impact much more impressive than if we'd used a plain white tablecloth (or skipped linens altogether).

Early this month, La Tavola hosted a celebration for the launch of its spring 2013 collection.  Joelle, Emily, and I made the trek to La Tavola's Santa Barbara location for cupcakes, cocktails, and all the linen loveliness we could handle.

Take a peek at some of the images I snapped!  And Emily and Joelle are just the cutest, as usual.  :)


Moral of the story?  I'll be renting linens when it comes time for me to get married (someday, someday...), and I love to encourage any betrothed couple I encounter to do the same!

Would you invest in decor-enhancing linens for your wedding day, or would you rather allocate your budget elsewhere?

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