28 February 2013

inspiration // chandeliers

Y'all love chandeliers, right?  Of course you do.  Duh.

In planning for an upcoming project I have with a few of my favorite fellow Ventura County wedding pros (we've got big news in the works!), I've been perusing all shapes, sizes, and styles of chandeliers on (you guessed it!) Pinterest. 

Feast your eyes, friends!  And if you're in the market for some dangling light fixtures, keep an open mind: chandeliers really do come in a variety of packages.

A couple of favorites (both prints on my walls!) from photographers Myan Soffia and Elle Moss

LOVE the Anthro vibe of these vintage-inspired lovelies from Recyclart.
A dramatic chandelier is always a good bet for adding a glam or "wow" factor to wedding styling (all four images from Style Me Pretty).
What is your favorite style of chandelier -- do you prefer classic and traditional, modern and contemporary, reclaimed and unexpected?


  1. I love a good chandelier! I guess I don't have a preference for type, I just generally think they're beautiful! The more lights the better :)

  2. I love chandeliers..especially unexpected ones like the ones with the Anthro vibe!
    beautiful, inspiring post..


  3. I LOVE the one on the right from Recyclart. And it matches my living room...thus, I need it.

    Your project sounds fun! I love chandeliers, so I can't wait to see how that turns out :)

  4. I dream to get one of those :3 they are elegant and pretty
    have a nice day.

  5. i appreciate this post. I check on you from your blog posts and I missed your cutie patootie on the interwebs. I would like a chandelier now. My wallet is upset with you.

  6. Oh how I love chandeliers! So romantic and girly. :)

  7. I LOVE chandeliers, I want one for my office, but until we determine if we're moving, I don't want to invest in one. I love traditional, romantic ones, yet clean, modern ones strike me too! Ugh, I seriously LOVE chandeliers!!

  8. I absolutely adore this post, I LOVE chandeliers :)



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