22 February 2013

life // lately.

Umm wow.  So I didn't really intend for "it's my birthday this weekend" to mean "I will disappear from blogging for a week."  Yikes.

Here's a rundown of what I've been up to the last few days!

On Saturday, we ended up having to reschedule a blogger brunch which was a bummer, but at least I got to see Julie (and finally meet her sweet pooch, Penny!).  Despite having a migraine, Julie ran out and got us bagels and lattes, and we had a lovely couple of hours together just shooting the breeze (mostly blogging and weddings, duh) in her kitchen.

Mini (i.e. just the two of us, haha!) blogger brunch at Julie's (image courtesy of Julie's Instagram)!

After Julie's, I went to Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills to photograph an engagement session.  Photographers: if you've never done a shoot at Paramount, I highly recommend it, but you do need to get yourself a permit.  Betrothed couples in Southern California: get your engagement photos taken at Paramount Ranch!  It is such a great location with countless options.  Kimmy and Chris and I had such a blast; here's a peek at Kimmy's engagement ring with one of my vintage cameras.

On Sunday (my birthday!), I went down to Orange County to do another engagement session, this time for my amazing friend Shannon (we studied abroad together in Paris in college!) and her awesome fiance Peter.  We had SO much fun, and while technically, yes, I was "working" on my birthday, I honestly can't think of a better way to have celebrated my 29th year.

The benefit of photographing good friends is that drinks are usually involved, and we definitely indulged in some Bloody Marys, champagne, and beer in between locations.  :)  I can't wait for their wedding in October (which will be photographed and filmed by Turned Wedding Films) in Sonoma County.

How cute are they?!  And would you guess for a second that they were nervous about our shoot?  Yeah, I don't buy it either.

After the sun went down, Shannon and Peter took me out to dinner for an impromptu birthday celebration at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and I got a surprise visit from my dear friend, Beau!  It was a very good birthday.

The next night, my parents took me out to dinner.  I have this kind of weird obsession with Red Robin and it's become a birthday tradition for me to go there for dinner.  Between the steak fries, the honey mustard dipping sauce, and the Oreo cookie milkshakes, I have some pretty serious birthday euphoria (followed by equally-serious birthday food coma).

The BAD news about this birthday weekend was that it really knocked me off-course from my food and exercise plans.  I ate terribly (the epitome of which was the aforementioned excursion to Red Robin) and didn't exercise at all; yesterday was my first day back at the gym, and it was brutal.  I've been overeating all week; not horrifically, but I won't lose more weight if I keep at it.  So think happy thoughts for me for getting back on the wagon this coming week.  :)

Did you guys have Monday off for President's Day?  What about weekend plans?  I'll be in Havasu for yet ANOTHER engagement shoot (have I mentioned lately that I adore my job?!).  :)


  1. Birthdays are best spent with people you love and ahve fun with, even if you're "working". ;)

    Btw I was at Fashion Island with Sunday night with my parents! Where did you go to dinner?

    Can't wait until we finally get to hang out

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY EMILY! I know what you mean about not minding having to work on your birthday...it's what you love to do ;) And Red Robin? Our friendship is meant to be. I literally dream about those french fries... Can't wait to see you tonight! xoxoxo

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! xoxo.

    Happy Birthday gurlfriend!!!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet girl. Your pictures so so pretty, I can't wait for mine. I am sure even though you were working on your b-day you had a blast doing what you love:)


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