15 February 2013

photography // camera bag lust.

I get asked all the time if my camera bag is by Kelly Moore.  I LOVE Kelly Moore bags, but mine is actually from JoTotes (and is sold out at the moment, so clearly I'm an awesome trend-setter, right?).  ;)

Mine is the one on the left, the Betsy in teal.  I really love this bag; it's big enough to hold the goodies I need immediate access to during a wedding (and my Tenba backpack takes care of the rest).

It gets heavy, but that's because of what I'm loading up inside.  Really, I'm considering either a belt system (like Kinesis) or even getting a Kelly Moore bag after all -- something a little smaller than Betsy that will let me move around more easily.  I'll have less space to carry extra lenses on my person, but during a wedding reception especially, I'm not really changing lenses all that frequently and the bag's bulk ends up being more of an inconvenience than it is a useful accessory.  I've found myself getting into the terrible habit of taking my bag off and setting it down somewhere; usually I can keep an eye on it from wherever I am in the room, but it would be really easy for someone to snatch if they wanted to.  #myworstfearissomeonestealingmygear

Kelly Moore's Posey 2 bag (also comes with a shoulder strap)
I actually got a Kelly Moore bag once before I changed my mind and bought Betsy instead.  I LOVE their Posey 2, and especially loved that the outer zipper pocket has memory card as well as credit card slots for photographers on the go.  But when I'd ordered the mustard Posey 2 and it arrived in the mail, I quickly decided it was too small.  Since then, my experience (and my poor, aching back at the end of an eight-hour wedding gig) has taught me that a smaller bag is a good thing to have.  So I might go ahead and invest in a Posey 2 after all.  I'm going for black this time, though -- one brightly colored bag is enough, and Betsy has already stolen the spotlight in that regard.

I'm also a big fan of Epiphanie.  I had a lovely red Lola from them (can I mention here that I love the names these companies use for their lady-friendly camera bags?  Always a rad girl's name!), but I definitely bought that one more for its aesthetic than its practicality.  I was ALWAYS bumping into something or someone with that bag, and that was before I started shooting weddings, during which I knew the need for maneuvering with ease would be crucial.  So I said goodbye to Lola and sold her to a good home in Florida.

(That's Lola there on the right.  The one on the left is a new Epiphanie I'm definitely drooling over!).

Are you coveting any camera bags? Do you have a pretty one for your DSLR? 


  1. Some day soon I hope to have a nice DSLR, and then I can go camera bag shopping too! =0)
    New follower, here from Shannon Hearts and already loving your blog (LOVE your etsy shop too!).

  2. These are pretty and are very multifunctional. Great for a trip!

  3. gah i love the epiphany one! i have 1 kelly moore and I love it. I actually wore it to a NFL game and it got rained on (poops) and it still looks bomb.

    i'm still debating to bring that bag to my euro trip. planning to use it for my canon ae-1. woo.

  4. i love camera bags, although I haven't had the heart to buy one since i keep telling myself I'm gonna make my own..... so yeah. we'll see how long that takes! The blue one here is my favorite though.

    <3 Bethany @ Thesepiapuppy.blogspot.com

  5. OH HEY mind reader!!! I've been looking for a nice camera bag/purse for a while now. Great finds, girl! Thank you!!

  6. i always thought i wanted an epiphanie one. but i ended up getting a tenba messenger bag. for me it felt like it would last longer.


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