11 April 2013

15 things every coffee drinker should know.

In honor of the headache I had on Tuesday from (GASP) forgetting to have a cup of coffee (no, I did NOT think that was possible), here's a funny little video I came across on Buzz Feed.

Enjoy.  Preferably over a cup of coffee.

Also, this.  Duh.  Shout-out to my girl Amy for this one.  And thanks to Jennifer Ramos for creating it.

{ i love you, blogs and coffee // print by jennifer ramos }


  1. That print is awesome!!!!


  2. i enjoyed this post very much. i just had to make myself a cup of coffee right away. do you have a favorite brand of coffee you would share? thanks. ( :

  3. I can't get enough coffee! Ever. Who actually puts eggshells in their coffee? Crazy.

  4. That was a cute video. I am one of those people that gets sleepy when I drink coffee (expect iced) so I have to be careful. The good thing about that is that I can drink a cup of coffee before something stressful comes up and it helps me relax.


  5. Can we lease go back to calling it Arabian Wine? How awesome would that be?

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