22 April 2013

photography // acute designs + blogger breakfast

Happy Monday, friends!  Today I wanted to share some images I snapped of the lovely Gina over at Acute Designs.  We got together for a mini blogger brunch (really more like breakfast) with Julie and Tammy in Oceanside last weekend before I had to jet back to LA for a wedding, and Gina wanted a few photos of her new spring 2013 line for her shop!  We went to Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, and it proved a wonderful backdrop for our photo session.

Here's a peek, but you'll have to check her storefront to see all her new goodies, coming soon.

And oh my goodness, is Gina a pretty lady or what?!  Be sure to keep an eye on her shop for the launch of her spring 2013 collection!

After a few photos, Gina and I met Julie and Tammy at Petite Madeline for breakfast.  The coffee and the food were delicious!

That's my amazing Nutella + banana crepe.  I have a serious weakness for crepes.  And Nutella.

I also snapped a few photos of Tammy and Gina at the restaurant, although I didn't get any of Julie (or have anyone take a photo of me); I think because Julie was sitting right next to me I thought it might be awkward to try to lean back to take her picture, haha!  There's always a next time.  :)

I mean, really, how cute is Tammy?!  I always get a bit of nervous laughter when I point my camera at someone, and I'm totally okay with that, because the nervous laughter turns into genuine laughter and I get super-cute shots like this.  :)  Candids are my favorite!

Julie, you looked lovely too, girl!  I'm going to get some shots of the whole gang next time.


  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you ladies had a fab time! How envious! And Tammy is super cute! Love your shot of her! ♥

  2. These turned out so cute, great job Emily!!

  3. such a fun day - your pictures are the best :). I have a serious weakness for crepes too!

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  5. Awkwardness and nervous laughter happens constantly in my life. What can ya do? =P

    Had such a good time with you girls =)

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous! ^_^


  7. What a great crew!!! Love the photos as usual Emily, BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Looks like you had a really great time! And I'm sure you and Julie looked great too. =)


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