01 April 2013

life // a birthday Corgi

My best friend, Claudia, celebrated her birthday on Saturday!  Claudia and I first met during our freshman year of college, and she's been my closest friend ever since.

She currently lives in Tempe, Arizona, so I drove out there for the weekend to celebrate with her on Saturday.  She invited friends and family over to her house (where she lives with her sister; they call it the "Little Pink House" because it's adorable and painted the sweetest shade of blush pink -- so charming!) for brunch.

The MOST exciting part of the weekend was a surprise for Claudia: her boyfriend, Carlos, got her something she's been wanting for a LONG time: a Corgi!  Everyone was privy to the secret except Claudia, so we hustled her into the backyard as a friend escorted little Charlie, a one-year-old Corgi rescue pup, onto the premises!  Claudia was blindfolded to maximize the surprise, and Carlos gave her a "decoy" wrapped gift and said she had to guess what it was... and then Charlie jumped into her lap!

Here's a photo journey of the day -- we had a blast and Charlie is the sweetest dog!

Claudia was taken completely by surprise (get this: she even asked "whose dog is this?" because she didn't realize at first that he was her present!) and she and Charlie fell in love at first sight.

The festivities continued with lots of Corgi-human socializing and Claudia proceeded to open her gifts, most of which were new-dog-owner-related.

We even have a video to commemorate the moment, captured by our friend Maggie (all those clicks you hear in the video are me taking a shit-ton of photos). :)

Happy, happy birthday to my best friend (and her new best friend in furball form!).  :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your friend!! How sweet that her boyfriend got her a Corgi!! It looks like love at first sight with them too! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. oh my gosh, what an amazing gift! charlie is adorable.

  3. What an amazing gift! Such a cutie!!

  4. We just lost our little Pup (who we think was part Corgi) this past weekend.
    These bring joy & a few runaway tears :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  5. Happy birthday to Claudia! What an amazing gift!! I would love to receive a gift like that!

  6. This post made me so happy! What a sweet surprise!

  7. Omg, what a great weekend and such a sweet present!!!

  8. What a wonderful birthday gift! So cute! & I'm shocked to see how much green grass and trees she has at her house for living in Tempe :)



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