03 April 2013

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By now, most of you (even if you're not immersed in the wedding industry) have heard of BHLDN.  Essentially, they are the bridal-focused love-child of Anthropologie.  Yes, Anthro created a wedding line.

I'll allow you a moment to swoon.

{ the Arabella gown by BHLDN }

At just two years old, BHLDN is already a coveted collection of bridal fashion and wedding decor details.  Last week, I attended The Wedding Salon show in Beverly Hills and spent most of my time in the BHLDN lounge, letting my eyes feast on the rack of simply stunning dresses and beautifully-curated tablescapes.

{ BHLDN dresses and accessories via Instagram }

I half-joked, more than once, about running away with BHLDN's Isadora gown.  Then I posted the photo above on Instagram that I needed someone to propose to me so I could justify the purchase of a BHLDN gown (though the staff and I were brainstorming ways I could buy it anyway and wear it to an event or, you know, around the house...).  :)

{ the isadora gown by BHLDN }

In addition to a stunning collection of bridal gowns, BHLDN also offers lots of other wedding goodies like garters and lovely lingerie (including options for your "something blue"), gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, wedding-worthy shoes and accessories, perfectly mismatched china and serveware, and plenty of other possibilities for giving your wedding that sweet Anthropologie-inspired vibe you've been looking for.

At the moment, BHLDN is having a wonderful sale!  They've marked down over 100 items, including a few bride and bridesmaid dresses (as well as some goodies for guys)!

Let the BHLDN stalking begin.  And for the record, I am not affiliated with BHLDN in any way!  I simply adore them of my own accord and thought you should know about their awesomeness.

Loves on a Thursday
Do you love the Anthro-inspired wedding vibe, or are you more of a clean lines, classic simplicity bride?


  1. Um, yes! I'd totally wear that gown around the house!

  2. I LOVE BHLDN! Totally got my wedding dress from them. I have a feeling I'll be shopping there even after I'm married. :)


  3. That Isadora dress is gorgeous! Just get it for the house. ;-)

  4. Omg! I didn't know that Anthropologie had a separate line for bridal stuff! The website is amazing! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  5. bhldn is amazing! i do love classic lines, but this is just so beautiful!
    kw ladies in navy

  6. I love everything BLHDN does. It's not necessarily my aesthetic but it's gorgeous and swoonworthy for sure!

  7. Love love love this roundup! <333 That Isadora gown is flawless.


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