05 April 2013

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I find that I sometimes need to give the bride a little encouragement to capture her "getting ready" process before the wedding ceremony.  I understand that the cost of additional hours of photography coverage can be a consideration, but really, I love the "getting ready" shots!  Those moments are some of the sweetest from a wedding day.

Think about it: you're nervous, anxious, excited, maybe a little tipsy from a glass or two of champagne.  You're there with your bridesmaids (likely your closest female friends and relatives), your mother, your grandmother, your flower girls, and family members you're closest to.  There's a lot of build-up getting hair and makeup done, and the process of getting into the dress is often equal parts comical and emotional.  Each accessory feels like a ritual (something borrowed, something blue, your garter, shoes, jewelry, engagement ring, etc.).  These ingredients create fantastic potential for some powerful wedding day imagery.

Even the guys getting ready can yield some great results!  I've seen so many rad images of grooms and their groomsmen enjoying a pre-ceremony scotch, or a quiet moment of reflection while adjusting cuff links (telling the grooms I work with to fuss with their cuff links is one of my go-to "getting ready" poses for guys, haha!).

I've collected a few of my favorites to share with you, and hopefully this will convince all you brides-to-be to opt in favor of your photographer capturing the "getting ready" process.  I doubt you'll look back and regret it; more likely is that you'll be so thankful you did.

if nothing else, I love to get an emotional mother of the bride shot!  this one's from jill devries.

sometimes the simple "putting on some makeup" shot is just so darn pretty!  another from jill devries.

kappen photography

a favorite from a recent anna delores wedding :)

I mean, HELLO gorgeous! the uber-talented jill devries

linda arredondo

another one from jill devries (c'mon, you know she's my favorite!)

loving this collage from kappen photography

the dude version! from kappen photography

right after she puts on the dress... hello, gorgeous! by our labor of love

another one from our labor of love

So you see what I mean, right?

Would you have getting ready photos at your wedding (or will you when the time comes)?


  1. Yes! I'm right there with you- some of my favorite photos from my own wedding were taken when we were getting ready- my bridesmaids acting goofy, my mom helping me with the dress, etc. Classic!

  2. I'm in a wedding in June and these are the pictures I'm most excited for!

  3. these are all absolutely gorgeous! love the getting ready photos
    kw Ladies in Navy

  4. For my cousin's wedding, the bride was late so we never got to do these fun photos...It made me so sad because I think it's such an amazing idea and I think the more candid the better. My favorite is when the mother daughter shot up there because of how they put the door in the picture so it's like the photographer "caught" the moment and it wasn't planned...just real! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  5. These are beautiful and I absolutely love them. I plan on having getting ready photos one day when I get married - they really help set the mood and mindset of the day, rather than just cheesy posed photos.

  6. I'm definitely hoping to get some getting ready photos! :) I love the ones with mom and putting the dress on.

  7. I love my getting ready shots and totally agree with you - it is absolutely worth it!

  8. I agree! I just love all of the excitement and anticipation in the "getting ready" snapshots - they really make for wonderful photographs.

  9. These photos are gorgeous! And I agree, the before are just as important as during. I would love to have before-photographs at my upcoming wedding.. But I have yet to find a photographer that's as creative and full of life around here as you are.


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