17 January 2012

3 Little Finches :: Angeleno Series Feature

Love favor tags by 3 Little Finches
This next shop owner actually splits her time between Southern California and London, England, so I suppose I'm cheating a little bit by featuring her in the Angeleno Series!  But her goodies are just too darn cute for me to resist.  She's also offering a special discount to Anna Delores readers!  Keep cruising the article for your coupon code!

Pauline of 3 Little Finches says her workspace is currently a mess -- "...but I can't work when everything is too organized. I travel back and forth from London to California every month, so I work out of two studio rooms: one in the flat I share with my husband in London, and the other one in my mother's home in Pasadena, CA."  That's one busy lady!

Rainbow paper cardstock hearts!
The name "3 Little Finches" came from Pauline's desire for a whimsical, upbeat shop title and was inspired by the three sweet little birds in her home: "I wanted to think of a name that was lighthearted and playful -- something that represents the products that I sell. I had three zebra finches in my London flat (now I have four), and the dynamics between the three original finches was hilarious because there were two males and one female and they were constantly bickering.  I thought '3 Little Finches' would be a perfect name for a slightly comical Etsy shop."

Striped goodie bags!
The sense of charm sparked by its name is certainly furthered by the products at 3 Little Finches.  Pauline offers a super-cute assortment of goodies, mostly for wedding but also for working some magic into everyday life.  And, of course, Pauline has some comedy (albeit eco-friendly comedy) infused: "My favorite item would be the eco-friendly '3D Pop-Up Caricature Cards' available in my shop," Pauline told me.  "I draw each customer's face and hand-punch them before attaching them onto custom cards with 3D dots. The best part is that they are printed on elephant dung card stock: 'Ellie Poo' cards, so they're eco-friendly and really special items, too."

Pocket-sized programs!
And NO, they do NOT stink of poop!  Pauline also offers many products in other eco-friendly materials, such as banana fiber tags and recycled kraft stock menus.

I also wanted to know who most inspires Pauline; it's her mother.  "She has always been a crafty person -- a domestic goddess for sure! She can knit, sew, craft, cook, and fix anything broken. She is the most well-rounded person I know, and has always encouraged me to create and always keep busy. My mom is the Asian Martha Stewart!  I was a fashion designer for five years and went to art school for fashion design for another four years, but her sewing skills put mine to shame."

Pauline keeps her own bits of inspiration handy, especially while she's jetting back and forth from Los Angeles to London.  "I always keep inspirational magazine clippings, quotes, and beautiful photos around and stored in my laptop so I always have some pretty things to look at while creating new ideas for my shop."

Gold metallic paper cardstock hearts!
Some of the fun stuff:

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as lead role?
I look absolutely nothing her, but I have always had a bit of a girl-crush on Kate Hudson. And Amanda Bynes is pretty hilarious too. :)

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
Fage Strawberry Greek yogurt, C2O coconut water, my mom's Chinese food, and LOTS and LOTS of eggs!

Candy-striped wedding favor tags!
Where would you like to be in five years
It's funny because if you asked me this question two years ago, I would probably say [I'd like to be] living in New York City with my own fashion label. But now I have become a lot more family-oriented and a bit of a homebody! I would love to settle down with my husband, have a couple of kids, and live in a real house (finally!) with a huge studio space for me to craft and sew. Sounds boring, but currently, my idea of a great weekend night is watching Netflix on my iPad and knitting!"

Here, here, Pauline!  A woman after my own heart.

More places to find the lovely Pauline:
  • Etsy :: for 10% off, readers can use coupon code NEWLYWED
  • Facebook

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