13 January 2012

myan soffia ROCKS my SOCKS off!

I just couldn't resist sharing with you my awesome buying + swapping experience with Myan of Sixth & Main + Myan Soffia Photography.  Myan and I have been "online pals" for a few months, sharing Etsy adventure stories and our love of Los Angeles.  When I came up with the idea of doing an Angeleno feature series, Myan was at the top of my list!

I snagged this print, one of my faves, plus boy-friendly for my new home.
After featuring her here last week, I noticed Myan was having a sweet 50% off sale on some of her 5x5" and 5x7" prints, so I decided to snag some of the images of hers I've been coveting for weeks.  Turns out she had her eye on a couple of my prints as well (um, FLATTERED!) so we ended up doing a little swap!

I got my package from Myan in the mail today.  Oh. My. God.  She totally spoiled me.  It's like Christmas all over again!

My prints were packaged so beautifully, I almost didn't want to open them!  ALMOST.

First of all, the prints I ordered are SIMPLY. GORGEOUS.  I adore them and I can't wait to find places for them in my new home!

"Ink Slinger no. 1" is definitely going in my new home office.  :)

I also got a sweet, personalized note from Myan on the back of one of her lovely photo postcards.  The whole presentation was just so lovely, I had to share my delight!

My goodies from Myan Soffia!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Myan!  I love it all and you made my day with your thoughtful delivery.

Myan is still having her sale on 5x5" and 5x7" prints!  They're only $5.00 -- a total steal!  Check out her shops for yourself and scoop up some lovely art to refresh your winter walls, now through the holiday weekend (sale ends January 16).



  1. Em, you should get her picture of the guitars for Z. Or maybe...I'll get it for him. Isn't the office also going to be the music room?

  2. i am so happy you like them! and i am so glad my prints have found a wonderful home. thanks so much for your sweetness! xx myan


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