03 January 2012

Angeleno Series Feature :: SweetSauce Lab

Customizable North Carolina necklace
When I stumbled across Maeling's shop on Etsy, I knew I wanted to feature SweetSauce Lab as part of the Angeleno series on this blog.  Maeling's necklaces are charming and a lovely option for a personalized gift (but you'll have to fight the urge to buy it for yourself).

Fellow Los Angeles shop owner Maeling agreed to answer my questions about her shop, and she's also offering a discount to all Anna Delores readers -- keep reading to get to the coupon code!

I'd opt for the California state necklace!
"Color, nature, and the small moments of life are what inspire me the most," Maeling told me.  "I love taking a moment of life and translating it into my work and adding a bit of whimsy to it."

I also asked Maeling to describe your work space and process; she moved right before the holiday rush began, so her workspace is a little chaotic right now.  "Some of my things are still in boxes. I now work out of my apartment in L.A. in the second room. I have one really long worktable I use at my main workspace for both my ceramics and packing/shipping. Then I have my computer desk and several shelves," she explained.  "My work process changes weekly. Some days I'm making new products, other days I’m just packing orders or doing computer things like gathering inspiration ideas or editing shop pictures."

Maeling's favorite piece? Ellie the Elephant
I also wanted to know what most influences Maeling and inspires her to make her pieces.  "There’s so much talent out there. It’s hard not to be inspired by every single piece of it. One person that has stuck with me is an instructor I had in college; he was very inspiring and would always try to push me to do more and see things differently. One of his famous quotes was 'God is in the details,' and while designing something, I try not to forget that."  She also doesn't neglect giving her hubby some credit: "My husband has a great influence on me on striving to be better in every way."

What about the name "SweetSauce Lab"?  I was immediately attracted to Maeling's shop name and wanted to know how it was born.  "I thought about my name for a while. I didn’t want a name that locked me into anything specific and would allow my to expand my product base. At the same time, I wanted a name that represents what I wanted to convey to my customers. 'Sweet' is pleasing to the taste, mind, or feelings
, and 'sauce' means 'to cover,' so SweetSauce Lab seemed to be a perfect fit."

Massachusetts state necklace in pumpkin
What is your most cherished possession?

"I would clearly be lost without my kiln, but one thing I would never part is my vintage typewriter I had gotten for my birthday. It is a 1940s burgundy Smith and Corona typewriter with tons of personality. I love typing in the old-fashioned way. I use it to type up notes for my customers who want to add a special something to their gifts."

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast in the lead role as you?
I guess Renée Zellweger based on solely on personality."

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

"I love cooking so you could probably find everything in my fridge. There are the typical things of course (eggs, milk, and greens) and then some other items like foie gras and chả lụa (Vietnamese ham), film, and batteries."

Where would you like to be in five years?
"Having my own studio/workspace and expanding my product line is definitely on top of the list. While in college, I found a love for woodworking and I miss it. I have this vision of combining wood with ceramics. Hopefully, it won’t take five years."

Ten years?

It depends on what day you ask me. Today, having my own furniture line and being in retail store, something I wanted since college. Last week, I wanted to bake more, open up a bakery and fill the air with sweet aromas. Ten years is a long ways from now and my mind changes all the time, so who knows?"

Finally, Maeling has generously decided to offer a coupon code to my blog followers!  "For Anna Delores readers, I am offering 15% off for the month of January. Just type in coupon code ANNADELORES at checkout."

Many thanks to Maeling for sharing SweetSauce Lab with us!  Now get shopping and enjoy the lovely pendants this Angeleno has to offer!


  1. Super cute! I want a NM one! Great blog! I'm a following you now! Love the header on your blog I'm a sucker for texture and great photos.

    1. Thanks DeAnn! I'm glad you like! Thanks for coming by. :)


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